Liffe Connect central order book

Discussion in 'Options' started by milstar, Aug 14, 2005.

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    1.Can some operator compare Liffe central order book
    with options book by OX,TOS,Datek ?

    Exist by Liffe connect market depth/level 2 , time and sales ?

    2. Can any respondent to send screenshoot
    3 .Liffe connect traded not only options/american &
    european style of exercise 1 can = 10,100 and 1000 shares/
    on Vod,Ala ,BP &

    but futures as LFT ,GMCT,AEX and options on this futures
    /european style of exercise /

    Can some of operator write about he's experience ?

    4. Is access from USA broker to Liffe Connect possible ?
    only for future or for shares also ?

    Author would very pleased for answer.