LIFETIME subscription to for sale

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    I have a LIFETIME subscription to

    It includes the live trading room, swing, options, etc. everything they have to offer.

    They ran a special a while back, the lifetime subscription is no longer available. I bought it but never really got into daytrading.

    Please contact me via email or PM and we can arrange the terms, I can give you my phone number so you can talk to me.

    I will give you my username and password and then you can change the password and email to anything you would like.
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  3. Daytradeteam is worthless. Yes, I have knowledge of their background.

    Sorry. You are either:

    1) not making any $$$ from it and are trying to unload your subscription

    2) you are trying to cheat someone with a nonexisttent offer

    3) you are a site owner trying to hook in some people to make subscription $$$

    Potential Buyers - Beware and Run Away from this offer!!!!!
  4. just to help you out i will start the bidding at 25 cents.
  5. TKayet


    TraderZones -

    None of your claims above are valid. I bought my lifetime subscription on 8/24/2006 via, I'm certainly not trying to cheat anyone here.

    Daytrading is not for me, I prefer system/swing trading where I enter trades at night/early morning and just turn off the monitor (I use a few of the systems from and 2 other systems called STE and V1).

    I have no site or affiliation with anyone. Anyone is free to get a trial to DTT, look at their performance (good or bad) and make up their own mind.

    Last thing on my mind would be to scam anyone. I figured that if anyone already uses DTT and they want a really good deal on a lifetime membership I can help them. I only have 1 for sale.
  6. lundy


    vehn's got the spirit, I want to help with my 2 cents...

    I bid .27

    PS I would love to get the subscription. This is a real bid.. I will pay attention to the bidding process. I won't reveal my cap but lets try to keep this low.


    PSS Op if u want we can settle this right now, just pm me before the thread gets derailed and the bidders come in with bids they won't actually back up.
  7. i will call and raise the bid to .30
  8. Screw that! :mad:

    I'm coming in with the High Bid at ... $0.99! :eek: :)

    Yep, that's right folks. I outbid not one but both of my competitors with an offer of ninty-nine cents!.

    Ah, ha ... I win! :D
  9. not so fast Mandelbrot!! I bid $1.00!! I figure its either here or the strip club...and the girl has been nagging me of late about going there! LOL

  10. I see your dollar and raise 1 penny...$1.01.....this is a real bid!!!
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