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  1. Morning do some yoga, light jogging/ walking, then after lunch, either get some sleep or go to library to do some reading. Not that i dislike my current routine kind of lifestyle, but it is kind of getting boring

    i dislike 9 to 5 job, office politics, rat race, rushing and working during 9 to 5 working hours for the money, find that no meaning, but during this hours, my spouse and most of other people are working, I'm left alone

    Trying hard to do something meaning, like reading/ studying, also get used to people wondering why i'm not working, whether i'm jobless chap, kind of get used to this already

    Trying to learn something like music/cooking, play with kids, but still there's bit of weird feeling, wanting to spend my time more meaningful, but not sure what
  2. Before i take the lifestyle of fulltime trading, i always dream of the wonderful benefits of not working 9 to 5, now that i got into fulltime trading, it is kind of getting boring, yet 9 to 5 job is worse, so anything to look forward to after this???
  3. I suggest volunteering your time to help the less fortunate. Will give you something to do, and you will be using your time for the benefit of others and get enjoyment from it.
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    same..if wake up early-run for like 2-3-5 miles, followed by something like p90x abs ripper or good cardio or plyo..something light for a breakfast, trade open, either stay or out. programming,some snack, good 1-2 hour nap, more programming,trade, 30-45 min exercise, dinner,some tv, next day preparation\some programming\testing ideas,sleep.
    volunteering is ok,but not for a 'less fortunate'...i would rather volunteer in local hospital than serving free food for deadbeats\freeloaders..
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    'Some yoga...'

    I thought(not only myself,but many concepts suggest the same) that,through the numbers,people come to the spiritual at some point in thier lives.The rest boogie-woogie doesn`t make that much sense.
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    you guys forget this part of routine where you have to find new ways of funding your accounts , invent new stories for your spouses/wifes / girlfriends/boyfriends , most of the time is also spend on inventing new systems and methods mainly by eyeballing.. etc,etc,etc..
    if you are a successful trader your neighbors don't think you are a bum as it SHOWS..
  7. cheat on your wife.. that'll keep you excited lol
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    +1 :)
  9. It's not for everyone: full time trading wasn't for me. I went back to a high-travel, high-interaction, stressful consulting worklife after 8 years of trading because (a) wasn't banking enough, (b) didn't see myself solo trading for another 15 years, (c) wasn't feeling i was making even a small difference in the world. Now if I'm working from home on a Friday, or have a few hours extra hours to play with the kids (during the week), it feels particularly good because it is a bit unusual.
  10. Take more risk.
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