Lifeguards in CA make 200k a year

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    While it's shocking, there are lots of people in CA with pensions making six digits a year doing nothing. At some point liberals might wake up because these pensions/salaries are eating up all the money that could be going to their social programs and other causes.
  3. Oh yeah, like they give a flip about THAT. Every Liberal/Leftist is all about "I want MY MONEY... NOW"... the rest of the world can just EAT SHIT!

    We formerly were "at war" with Communists for about 50 years. Got news for you... WE'RE CURRENTLY AT WAR WITH COMMUNIST-EQUIVALENTS... they're Leftist, Democrat, Public Employee Unions, Tit-Sucking Parasites of the Welfare state.
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    Been saying the biggest threat to the USA is not terrorists...that pales in comparison to the liberal/socialist threats to our Country and our is a serious f*cking problem and will lead to a revolution if it is not met head on.
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    Problem is that many conservatives just don't have the nasty, all out war personality that the left has. You could see the difference between the mostly civil tea party protests and the insanity that happened in Wisconsin, anti-war/bush rallies. It makes sense because the GOP comes from the nice, personable areas of the country: South, Prairies, Mountain West, compared to the left which is from the cities. You're starting to see conservatives getting a backbone, but it's still no where as rigid as the left.

    BTW: This is why we need Chris Christie as our nominee. The fat man can fight and call out Obama for what he is.
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    To be fair, the current anti-war rallies are considerably more tame and a whole lot smaller now that the left owns the wars.
  7. Many public "servants" are outrageously overpaid. The wages of McDonalds or Target employees are never cited when the public service unions invoke the 'Equal pay for equal work' argument. $200k a year for sunbathing on a tower is nuts. It should be that public service employees trade off high wages for job security.

    $35k/yr for a lifeguard is more than fair. It's not like these guys are doing anything that requires any special education or exceptional ability. There are millions and millions of people who are strong swimmers and can learn lifeguarding in a week or two. Mouth-to-mouth, row a boat.. this is not rocket science.
  8. There are 14 of those lifeguards in newport beach. Their average salary is $155k including benefits. Now I know you think they are just hanging out and sunbathing all day,but in 2010, they rescued 2,190 people. This means that each lifeguard personally rescued 156 people in 1 year. This also means that a lifeguard on average has to rescue at least 1 person per day. When you figure their salary & benefits and how much it costs to save each life, it comes out to $990 per life saved. If a doctor has to save a life, how many 10s of thousands does it cost? Isnt $990 bucks worth it if it was YOU drowning?
  9. Question....for $35k per year, would you give mouth to mouth to some fat guy in an extra small speedo that is foaming at the mouth from swallowing seawater at least 2 or 3 times per day during the summer?
  10. +1 to this thread. This shit is criminal. A fucking lifeguard making $200K for life for sunbathing?
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