Discussion in 'Stocks' started by eagle488, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. This might make a unique entry opportunity. . .
  2. Im looking at the balance sheet of this company. No debt, ROE-ROA are good, lots of cash on the books, etc. When this is finished selling off and hits a bottom in a day or so, I believe this might just be a buy.

    I would wait until the volume dies down to the 3 month average and then get in on that point if the chart dictates. Probably a few days or more.
  3. I got smashed here, it's a difficult story. I actually dialed in and much to my wife's chagrin listened to the whole conference call. There are competition issues, a rival company has brought to market first a skin-patch product based off the Xeno- pig method. This is supposed to be the next great stage of growth for this company, so it's a blow. The management painted a picture that when they bring their product to market it will be = to Alloderm their current hit. Saying the competition is not up to that standard. There was some acknowledgement that their salesforce had dealt with Dr's trying to switch back after unfavorable reactions to the competition's product. Slight slow down in the Alloderm sales seems to have really spooked people and encouraged the short sellers. When the dust settles though you still have a couple things going with you with Lifecell, they are still a growth machine and they have a 1 st half 07 story to tell. So I'm tempted to HOLD.