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  1. Maybe someone on here can help me with this.

    Right now it looks to me like we as sentient beings have an important choice to make: Obedience or emancipation?

    We are designed to be slaves to our genes and maximize their reproductive success. Obviously we are self-aware because this is necessary in order for us to be able to modify ourselves, which is apparently an advantage in the battle we call life or evolution.

    The one question that is currently bothering me the most is: Where should I position myself in the space between total obedience and total emancipation from my genes? Neither of these extremes might be reachable, but at least I could try if I had an idea what to do.

    Now the problem is this. Both strategies will most likely not maximize my happiness: If I do exactly what my genes want me to do, I will have dozens of bastards who will leech off of the social(ist) system that has been well established in the US. While this seems to be the best way to spread one's genes in the current environment, I don't think this would make me particularly happy, especially since I would have to have no material wealth in order not to have to pay child support. Also, quite frankly, if I were one of those procreators I would hate myself even more than I do now.

    If I do everything I can to spite my genes, I will stop eating or better yet kill myself even faster. But emancipation is not really about spite, it is about getting rid of the alien agenda and pursuing one's own. Now the problem is, every little bit of what we call happiness is really nothing but our genes rewarding us for an action that is likely to further their goals. In other words, it seems to me that if I try to maximize my happiness I have to make my genes as proud of me as possible, which leaves us back at square one, becoming a reckless procreator.

    The next path one could think of is God. It seems to me that "the flesh" is nothing but your DNA, they just didn't have that word when the bible was written. Should I then try to combat carnal lust and try to follow Jesus? I don't know about that, you could say I am angry at God. I had a vision over three years ago which inspired me to trust in God and the fact that He will send me exactly what is best for me. What I did as a consequence were some of the most stupid and harmful decisions of my life, and I am now at a situation where I really don't see a way out. But this is not about me personally, I am interested in the basic question everyone has to answer in some form: Whom do I serve?

    I believe I cannot achieve anything without a goal. My problem as opposed to most peoples' is that I cannot find a worthy goal. Sure some more money would be nice, but I don't think it would really make me any happier. Trying to become a better person sounds good, but first I need to know what a good person is.

    Is the belief in God maybe the same as accepting slavery to one's genes? If God has made us the way we are because He thought it would be good and we are supposed to trust in Him, then we should just do what we were designed to do and not question it.

    If so, this brings us back to the original question, making it really the only thing that matters: Obedience or emancipation?

    WHat I would really like to hear is the strategy (in this regard) of someone who considers himself happy and whom most others consider happy.

    By the way, does someone have a good explanation for the fact that we really enjoy music a lot? Where does this have its place in the battle we are carrying out for our masters, the genes?
  2. The happiness that you seek is obtainable. It is up to you to find the seed, plant it, water it and let it grow from within.
  3. "Happiness matters?"

    That's the first question you have to answer.
  4. Music is a drug. And it's legal. And imo you can use it to master your genes.

    And speaking of music, I suggest listening to Father Of Mine by Everclear if you haven't lately and I think it addresses some of the issues you brought up...
  5. I have never heard of it, but will obtain a legal copy ASAP. Thanks for the tip.
  6. A little help, please. How do I know the right seed?

  7. ouch.


    ps. lobster,

    balance is the key to what you seek. from your post, you appear to be a person of extremes--this is not good. you need to find middle ground in my opinion.

    best to you,

  8. When I was explaining about the disadvantages of the two extremes, I was thinking along these lines. However, finding anything inbetween, let alone the optimal balance, is easier said than done. Maybe I should try to look at it from a hedging perspective.

  9. combination

    i found a combination of the east and west to be most satisfying as a design for living. we are multi faceted beings and this must be addressed, regardless of what the traditional religions teach.


  10. When I do things that make me happy, I like to repeat them and do them more often. This includes building / creating, traveling to new places and meeting new people.

    My genes sometimes leave me preinclined to be lazy, but I try to fight that by being very productive. Sometimes ET makes that especially hard to do.
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