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    Does anyone know the name of any hedge funds who invest in life settlement contracts? I am not looking for funding companies that buy contracts to package and sell them, I am looking for funds that are the ultimete investors.
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    Citifirst Trust LTd- Is hedge that buys Life Settlements
    for its own
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    I know people, funds that are the end buyer as well as funders that buy and package. What kind of policies do you have access to?
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  4. Is there still a market for these?

    I will always remember when I was a broker I have a client 'invest' in these - the husband and wife each 'bought' one. In case you are reading this wondering what they bought, they basically bought the right on these contracts who were on peoples' lives. Yes, you are hoping these people die and much sooner than first thought.

    It's a very disturbing 'investment' practice in my opinion. I get the idea and understand the premise, but it's still very morbid.

    I just remember one conversation with this client when he came in one day really upset. I thought a stock we bought as in the shitter or something. Turns out the person's life who this 'investment' was on bounced back from cancer treatement thru chemo. He was terribly upset that this person was going to live A LOT longer than was thought and now he was losing money b/c this person would not die.

    Sounds like fun, doesn't it?