life sentence toll evasion

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  1. Wonder how much it will cost to keep him imprisoned for life and no chance of repaying the fines and tolls.
    Appears to make more sense to keep him out of prison, earn his way, and repay what he can over his life.
  2. Ricter


    Of course that calculation should estimate the benefits of deterrence to the rest. Not that this is right, nor that it will stand.
  3. $560,000 for 2300 tolls? Thats about $243 per toll. Crap...I thought I was getting ripped off when I paid a $5 toll today!

    I think the real question is...why didnt they stop this guy after the first time. Why did they wait for him to skip another 2,299 more tolls before they said "Ok...thats went to far, chinchang"
  4. The chap in question ripped off more than tolls he forged papers claiming his trucks were in the service of the military district.