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    I have essentially finished developing the trading system I anticipate using until I leave this life, so I now need to turn my attention elsewhere to fill the time I had been devoting to this task.

    For some time I wanted to memorize all the headings and subheadings in the book of the Luke to guarantee I was familiar with the entire gospel story, but I already did that and am now in the process of making sure I know the details with respect to the particulars to which each heading refers.

    There was something else I wanted to do however which has not yet been accomplished, so I’m hoping this thread will help me stick with it until I get it done, which is memorize all thirty-one of the life principles put forth by Charles Stanley.

    To help me “kill two birds with one stone,” I’m also going to use Google to translate them into Spanish, as imperfect as that feature is, to hopefully become more familiar with the language.

    If I can keep up with memorizing one principle a day, I should be finished in about a month, but that shall remain to be seen. I’m going to start with the contention that: God’s top priority for every believer is the intimacy of our relationship with Him—the level of which directly affects the amount of impact our lives will have in this world.

    La máxima prioridad de Dios para cada creyente es la intimidad de nuestra relación con Él, cuyo nivel afecta directamente la cantidad de impacto que nuestras vidas tendrán en este mundo.
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    Obey God and leave all the consequences to Him, trusting that He causes all things to work together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

    Obedece a Dios y deja todas las consecuencias a Él, confiando en que Él hace que todas las cosas trabajen juntas para bien de aquellos que lo aman y son llamados de acuerdo a Su propósito.
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    If you believe in, trust, and obey God’s Word, you will find it to be an immovable anchor in times of storm.

    Si cree, confía y obedece la Palabra de Dios, encontrará que es un ancla inmóvil en tiempos de tormenta.
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    For Christians only: here's THE principle that Charles Stanley ought to have learned: "do not presume upon the grace of God!" Tragically, his OSAS/free-grace (Dallas Theological Seminary) theology (pg. 93-94 of his book "Eternal Security"*) has misled hundreds of millions of believers worldwide, and is now being promulgated by the rest of the fake church.

    * "Even if a believer for all practical purposes becomes an unbeliever, his salvation is not in jeopardy. Christ will remain faithful. (p.93)

    And last, believers who lose or abandon their faith will retain their salvation, for God remains faithful. (p.94)
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    The awareness of God’s presence energizes us for our work.

    La conciencia de la presencia de Dios nos da energía para nuestro trabajo.
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    God expects us to obey His will—not necessarily understand it—so we should do so even when it seems unreasonable to us, endeavoring to keep Principle No. 2 in mind.

    Dios espera que obedezcamos Su voluntad, no necesariamente la comprendamos, así que debemos hacerlo aun cuando nos parezca irracional, esforzándonos por mantener en mente el Principio No. 2.
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    Thanks; gracias. I dont know much Spanish:cool::cool: LOL
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    " If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, his wife and children, his brothers and sisters—yes, even his own life—he cannot be my disciple." Luke

    "For they prophesy falsely unto you in my name: I have not sent them, saith the LORD." Jeremiah

    Bible's a bugger for bubble bursts
  9. %% I see your points Maverick 1+ good ones about that hedge fund, also.

    The faith that fizzles ,is faulty from the first.
    There are some strange doctrines in the Bible but Rahab the harlot made the Hebrews hall of faith-Hebrews 11. NOT ad ad for hookers to live like hell; simply that's what God communicated in Hebrews 11:cool::cool:
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    Luke 13:6-9. Why fertilize a tree that is faulty from the first?
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