Life magazine on the 1962 crash. Great pictures.

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  1. pitz


    Nice Bell Labs ad on Page 12.

    Who would've known that such an organization was to crank out so much technology that's enriched our lives so greatly.

    Now its all gone though, turned into a shopping mall apparently in New Jersey :(.

    Whens the last time you've seen an ad that brags about how many good American engineers are working on technology at a particular firm??
  2. Yeah it is pretty amazing how quickly things are going to shit in the US.
  3. It wasn't that great in '62 King. Always problems. We've got our share now. Maybe we lose this time. Who knows?
  4. I'll agree with you on this one '62 wasn't all that great, bought my first copy of Mad magazine that year, helped me cope.:cool:
  5. Read at the bottom of the middle column on page 65 beginning with "On the morning after the avalanche..."

    It's all the same, only the names have changed.
  6. Spy vs. Spy, Don, whatever his name was. Alfred E. Neuman. At the time, hot as balls that mag.

    How about Police Gazette? I used to go in the drugstore to buy Mad, and there was Police Gazette, "I'm carrying Hitler's Baby" . Actual title.

    And then, there were the Russians and Nikita. They sold fallout shelter kits in Department stores.