Life is full of hard choices

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Pekelo, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. Pekelo


    The recent news about the attack against Mikhail Khodorovsky in the Siberian jail made me think that life is full of hard choices and it is so hard to decide which path to take.

    Let's say Mikhail's choices were a few years ago:

    1. Continue to be the richest man in Russia and do whatever you want (buy a small country if you like) BUT stay out of politics.

    2. Try to get into politics and risk the wrath of Putin which could mean ending up in a SIBERIAN prison cell for 8 years.

    Really, what would I have chosen if I had been Mikhail.....?
  2. You would have chosen to buy Luxembourg and enjoy the rest of your days.
  3. Ricter


    You would have gone into politics. Men who have accumulated your wealth simply are not the type to settle down and enjoy their days after some $ amount. They have to have more, and still more.
  4. Pekelo


    Actually, going into politics itself after he made it in business wasn't such a bad idea. The missjudgement on his behalf was not noticing that he was in freaking RUSSIA and not in the Western world.

    I wonder how much money he saved away in a Swiss account ( I assume he had brains to do that) so after this 8 years prisonsentence he could still retire on the Bahamas...

  5. After putins *ahem* auditors get through with it, probably not much.
  6. RedDuke


    That is if he ever gets out.

    In 2000 when Putin came to power, he had an unofficial meeting with Russia's wealthiest man called oligarchs. Putin made it clear to them, that he would not go after their illegal astronomical gains (there was no legal ways to create so much wealth in Russian in the 90s) as long as they stay out of politics. Khodorkovsky decided to test it, probably thinking that having a pretty clear (financially) company with international investors would protect him, he obviously was wrong.

    He decided to bet it all on one trade, and he lost. In his situation the risks did not justify the rewards, but he still proceeded. Another thing that was against him is the majority of Russians hate oligarchs because public strongly believe that all their gains are money stolen from the country during chaos of 90s.

    The moral, always pay attention to risks. The profits will come if risks are properly maintained.

  7. You need to find out the real story first cause your info is regurgitated US propaganda. Putin did not go after him because Khordokovsky was getting political. It had very little to do with that but a lot with Chevron Tex, Yukos and Rothchilds.

    There are excellent books written by a very good russian author, A. Bushkov. One of them is about the oligarchs. If you can get an english version, do it and learn about them. It will blow your mind what scum those guys are.
  8. RedDuke


    Another reason for tearing Yukos was of course to join its biggest part to Rosneft (who is about to do the biggest IPO in history). But had it not been for Khodorkovsky political ambitions, he could have sold it to government like Abramivich and enjoyed his life or kept like many other oligarchs. Trust me, there is almost nothing that is worth on this planet to go to Russian prison when government is your true enemy.
  9. RedDuke


    You had to be, that was the era. Their children however will be true capitalists. Have you ever heard about a pirate and murderer called Morgan? He ended his life as governor of Jamaica, and the following generations were “a bit” successful and famous.