Life is better in Monsanto

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    all you need to know to make money in stocks
  2. or you could have shorted a ton of other stocks during this BEAR market and done real well too. Why go against the grain?
  3. Except that is isn't a bear market.

    Shorting seems so easy in hindight. But I KNOW that a lot of experts tend to cover on the smallest upticks.
  4. This is a bear market and no shorting successfully isnt a hindsight thing. Just like picking quality stocks to buy in the right market isnt a luck thing either. Both require skill and also a correct understanding of the context of our current economic environment.

    Which is precisely why permabears and permabulls always have their day in the sun but rarely ever succeed over the long run.

  5. Stock, how exactly do you KNOW what traders do? This will be interesting.
  6. Thanks for letting us know about these since they have yet to begin their run.

  7. still much more upside
  8. The same kind of upside that CROX had when you said it was a good buy back in Oct/Nov??

  9. this is not a bear market. a bear market is closing down 20% from highs in the s@p or dow and we haven't done that. were only down about 15% or so now.
  10. When you play with REAL money, it's all different you backseat Monday morning Quarterback.

    You can spit out 2000 tickers and nail a few.
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