"life is a swindle"

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    This morning, when I go out to get a round with my little dog, I started one of those typical conversation of dog owners with a woman. But because a bad notice occurred in Madrid two days ago, the woman started to philosoph about life.
    - You have to see, life is a swindle.
    What could I respond her?
    -That's the reason why we have to try to enjoy our life, lady!

    Life is a swindle. It is not this belief in the origin of the unhappiness, to wait the life has to give us something? Why has the life to give us anything? Life is neutral. Life has not to give us or take us anything. For life it is the same. We can't say “Life is a swindle”.
    But we hope a lot from life. We wait life give us happiness, eternal love, success, etc.

    If we doesn't wait anything from life, because life hasn't to give us anything, we will not fell in the disillusionment, and we could start to see things without passing through the distorting filter of hopeness. Maybe we could be more happy in this way.

    The same happen with the market. We go to it hoping it give us what we ask it for. But instead or it, we find that it doesn't respond to our hopes of it.

    And then we say “market is a swindle!”

    Poor market, and poor ourselves.
  2. Yes, what is called "life" has a purpose, originally. And we expect it to "save" us, but it doesn't. So it betrays us, hence, "swindle". But the original purpose of this "life" need not be set in stone. If given a truth-oriented purpose, it cannot betray us. It can serve to save us instead from a mistaken idea/concept about who we are.

  3. I am a professional trader.

    I can only say "life is good, very, very good."
  4. birdman


    My hat's off to ya ...
    i couldn't have said it better ...

    but let me say ...

    "Rain can ruin your weekend, or rain can spare your life, depending on who you are and what your thirst is like."
  5. expectations might as well be reality. most of us don't/can't differentiate and it's difficult to maintain that state of awareness. ...that our personal reality is simply inaccurate, no matter by how much.

    most people could experience a lifetime without measuring this, but trading forces a confrontation. seems painfully obvious, but it's just one of those lessons you can't learn but by experience, that knowledge is never certain.
  6. What does professional mean in the context of your sentence?
  7. It means it is how I make my living and how spend my working life and that has been true for nearly a decade.
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    "life is a swindle"....when most of your life has been about "ME"....try it the other way around and then you will notice it has purpose.....
  9. And this is why there are no sins. There is really no "world". Clearly, then, there is a deceptive intent. Who is decieving whom? Why?