life in the pits/ floor

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cashmoney69, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. What do those guys make average in a single day..any guess?
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  3. This is like a conversation between Harry and LLoyd. (Dumb and Dumber).
  4. It depends who you talk to and what they trade. I trade hogs in the pits, and I can lose $20,000 to making $20,000 in a day. The most I've lost in a day was about $18,000 and the best day was about $37,700 (actually just recently last month). I have heard stories of people working in the S&P pit (big contract, 250x multiplier) making $100,000 and losing $100,000 in a day.

    People think they have what it takes, and I always tell them you got to have the skills. You have to be able to add, multiply, and subtract quickly, stand next to sweating and yelling people, and be able to withstand a large loss that could wipe your whole account out in one trade.
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    25-50k is a bit steep. Of course it depends on what pit you are in, but for the most part, at least at the CBOT, the pits are pretty slow. I would feel safe saying anyone making 25-50k is doing very, very well for a pit trader nowadays.