Life In Prison For Recording Police?

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    It's past time the police get a big law suit on their hands for false imprisonment using these gestapo tactics.

    41-year old Illinois mechanic Michael Allison faces life in jail for recording police officers after authorities hit him with eavesdropping charges based on the hoax that it is illegal to film cops, a misnomer that has been disproved by every other case against people filming police officers being thrown out of court.

    The state of Illinois is trying to charge Allison with five counts of wiretapping, each punishable by four to 15 years in prison.

    Allison refused a plea deal which would have seen him serve no jail time but would reinforce the hoax that it is illegal to film police officers, as well as acting as a chilling effect to prevent other Americans from filming cases of police brutality.

    Allison has chosen to reject the plea bargain and fight to clear his name via a jury trial, arguing, “If we don’t fight for our freedoms here at home we’re all going to lose them.”

    The notion that it is illegal to film police officers is a mass hoax that is being promulgated by authorities, the media, and police officers themselves.
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    If it was actually illegal to film cops, based on wiretapping laws, then no one could legally use a video camera in a public place.

    Blows my mind how often you see cops arresting people for filming them.
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    "The state of Illinois..."

    There's part of the problem right there.
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