Life Beyond Trading

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by stockoptionist, Sep 17, 2001.

  1. Last week's tragedy and the temporary disruption of the markets gave traders a break to come together to think about issues that go far beyond trading. I'm pleasantly surprised that so many of the fine, bright people here on this site have openly discussed such issues ranging from ethics, politics to science and religion. Despite occasional bickering and flares of emotions, the discussion has mostly been conducted in an orderly, rational and productive fashion. Usually, these subjects are considered off limits in ordinary conversations, however, it seems to me that the enthusiasm thus shown--given the long threads--has demonstrated that we are human beings with needs and concerns that go beyond worrying about profit and loss in our accounts. I suggest that we have a special section devoted to these subjects. And anyone interested can start a thread or drop in with a couple of thoughts or so. My experience has been that while I love trading, my results often improve if I take a break once in a while and think about other things. What do you guys and gals think of that?

  2. I live across the street from the beach here in Solana Beach.

    When I'm not trading I'm surfing in the waves. A picture of my front yard (my playground) is enclosed.

    I spend all my time either trading, surfing, at the gym, or if the weekend rolls around at a dance club. Enjoy life and have fun Live life to the fullest

  3. yeah stock-opt...

    bicycle, hike, brisk walks, pick-up game in the park, short jog, whatever works...

    rtharp - cool beach on, I presume, West Coast...

    shee'sh, I'm jealous