Life after prop trading

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  1. What opportunities are available for someone who has traded prop for a few years. I'd imagine the risk and the uncertainty becomes too great once someone has a wife and kids to worry about. Is prop trading like a dead end job or will it provide other opportunities to advance in the investment and trading field?
  2. Sorry for being a smart ass, but you can pretty much sell burritos Bob.
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    or retire early
  4. retire, buy a boat, the rest is history
  5. or do what most former prop traders do. sit home and pop pills to forget why they are living in a cheap apartment and living day by day because they are broke. then wonder why you did'nt get a normal job with benefits or open a business that at least had a chance in hell.
  6. every successful trader i know is completely unemployable at any job.

    Take red_ink for example. Havent seen him put to use that formal education anytime recently. I suppose he is an expert at replacing his space bar, but that doesnt normally require an electronics degree :) LOL

    unsuccessful traders that have stopped trading i knew from the past seem to have adjusted to normal live quite naturally.
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    No way! Here's some jobs for traders I know:

    Male gigolo
    Professional dirtbiker
    Pervy lifeguard
    Professional free t-shirt collector
    Selling companies to Ebay
    the list goes on...

    As you can see there's a whole world out there of easy, fun, high paying jobs!
  8. Some hilarious replies! I would like to see what options may arise from being a great prop trader...
  9. Wow, I'm half way there!!
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    Or maybe a comedy writer for a late night comedy show. Ya know, the Top Ten List for Letterman or somethin like dat.
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