Life after ER2

Discussion in 'Trading' started by o10maximus, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. For those who mostly trade this contract currently, what are your plans after the June08 contract expires?

    Of course there's ES,YM,NQ, DAX, FESX, but has anyone looked into s/p mid 400 or s/p small 600.

    I know very little about ICE, so at this point I'm still viewing this as a negative.

    I still can't believe those stupid bastards @ the CME let this contract get away :confused:
  2. I'm curious as well. I trade almost exclusively the Russell.
  3. I'm thinking same thing so what happens to ER2 when it moves to ICE ??I was trying S&P400 for a month well its jumpy spread two or three ticks always, volume about ten times lesser then ER2,after hours spread terrible about 10 ticks, some times even more, was doing two contracts max,market orders OK. it makes almost same amount off points per day as ER2,overnight margin $4000.
  4. CME apparently has a plan to release a new SP600 small cap emini, well see.

    Personally i love the ER and i seriously doubt that because its moving to ICE it will be much different. I think people making money with the russell will be willing to pay the extra fees to keep trading the ER2. (exemple on esignal it will be 50$ extra a month to get the ICE data). If you are paper trading the ER because its' ''free'' with the mirus sim feed etc, id choose something else immediately.

    Nothing new under the sun here.

  5. s&p 600emini you can trade right now,daily volume today was total off 397 contracts the biggest daily volume this month was 816 contract per DAY .