Life after death is clearly real. Why do people still ridicule it?

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  1. There are many documented stories of near death experiences. People who died on the hospital bed, and came back to life. They described scenes that happened while their eyes were closed and heart was not beating. Even recalling readings on medical instruments that weren't even facing them.

    The soul is real, the spirit is real. Life beyond the physical body is real. And yet those who believe that are ridiculed as old fashioned, and believing in fairy tales, because it can't be measured with a ruler.
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    I think your trading career is going to be an uphill challenge.
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    In what sense can a soul be real? Only the belief in souls and the spirit can be real in this context.

    As for life after death, maybe it only happens for those who believe it will happen. So I can only hope you enjoy all that infinite time.........
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    I've been thinking about this for a couple decades now. And I have come to a conclusion...

    People who keep going on about life after death are really not attuned to how impossible the problem really is.

    After all, y'all keep going on about life after death.

    But what about life before birth?

    We pitiful mortals cling to the hope that we will survive death, so existence does not seem meaningless. But how did we survive pre-birth?

    We wonder where we will go after we die. But does nobody ever wonder where we were, before we were born? There are two sides to every life. The before life and after life. Everyone keeps banging on about the after life. So what about the before life?

    Dudes, expand your thinking. It will inevitably bring you into the cosmology discussion, but hey, that's your own fault! Neener!
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    Tsing Tao

    I had a hard time believing in religion and the "understanding" we have of the universe after I began to fathom just how big the universe actually is.

    This is a good video, particularly from 4 minutes or so on.

  6. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Or this one.

  7. There`s next life after this life.Life after death is incorrect.
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    Man, this is one stupid post.

    OK, stop right there. Near death =/= life after death.

    Should we go any longer in the discussion? Now to clear up your confusion, just replace the world soul with conscience and there you have it. When you are alive and not in coma, you have it, when you are dead, you don't.

    Life is much simpler than most people think, let's not complicate it more than necessary.
  9. Man, this is one stupid post.Who then aware your dead you bastard??Answer: your Consciousness.There`s nothing else but Consciousness that exists.WTF the conscience has to do with all that!
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    Whose soul is occupying the body of someone with Alzheimer's who doesn't even know what century they're in? Let me guess, it's "trapped"? But not the soul of the near death experience guy, his unmoors for a time and comes back? While experiencing something that coincidentally always mirrors their religious background? What's the "soul criteria" for coming or going? What about personality altering brain injuries?

    If you actually stop to think about this concept for even a minute it's not nearly as simplistic as you seem to have concluded it is.
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