life after daytrading

Discussion in 'Trading' started by SethArb, Oct 8, 2002.

  1. Curious if there are some elite traders who were scalpers , arb's

    ... who now swing or position trade or manage
    a portfolio of stocks / options / futures

    and find their returns on equity better with risk as a percentage
    of capital and hours spent watching the market reduced thus
    leading to a better quality of life and more enjoyment

    I will admit ... I need a vacation ... away from all this ....
  2. birddog


    whenever I go on vacation, I land up watching CNBC and reading IBD/Journal since I miss the market.

    It is hard to really take a break from trading. Assuming you are having fun
  3. Seth I started trading again 3 years ago, using the 5 minute chart. Now I am position trading. As long as you are willing to short it is no problem.

    I can stay home and play with the kids, or go to the zoo, or whatever. Personally, I think it is much better. Yeah I come to my office almost everyday, because I want to. But I have the same computer and monitors at home as I do here.

    For me, the money is better. I was never any good at short stuff anyway. People don't realize that you can make 2-4 points a month on 3-4 stocks and have a decent life while growing the acct and paying the bills.

  4. bone


    You need to get better aquainted with alcohol and porno to create a meaningful diversion from your trading addiction. Or, you can always get married and have kids to pass the time. (Me, all of the above - hell, trading's a vacation for me)
  5. cheeks



    Besides, you'll never be able to expalin to your wife that you need multiple monitors and two broadband connections for porn.

    And people wonder why daytrading so popular!?!:D