Life after 50

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  1. i know a 150lb tai kickboxer that could eat your lunch..

    he can't bench press 300 :)
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  2. he'll knock you out though, so what?
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  3. idiots
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    Hey ESfucker, you are offtopic and unneeded, so please go fuck yourself and get out of my thread. Thanks...
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    Yeah, surprised the latest string of ESfocus posts wasn't deleted.
    On a side note, once you are no longer typing drunk at 5am ES you might start new threads on those topics, out of place here but still interesting. Worth checkinga couple of videos from Chris Heria, the guy from ES video posted earlier, very impressive.
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    At it end it’s not about how big, fast or high one can jump. It’s about how much that person has served his brothers and sisters. :D
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  7. I play indoor soccer weekly and despite soreness in the knees, they usually are ok. I went jogging on vacation on an island around a path in December and after 5 or 10 minutes both legs were suffering. I admire those who can just go running out on the pavement at this stage in life but just cannot any more.

    And it is not the running as the indoor and outdoor soccer is quite a bit but on a nice soft turf. I can work on any part of my body but would love to have young knees again.

    Knees are like loved ones, you don't realize how much you miss and love them until they are gone...
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  8. Yeah, but the way you need to jump, twist, turn and pivot unexpectedly in the heat of the moment and not carefully may contribute to whatever pains your knees. I know a few guys around my age who either play soccer or hockey and not one is happy with his knees.
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  9. Life after 50, stool softeners.
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  10. Big mistake.

    Think fiber.
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