Life after 50

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  1. Oh, sorry, I forgot to mention: "Piss off!"
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    Joined the local Planet Fitness knowing squat racks have been removed for 6 years now.
    Life after, well after 50, is Full body Smirh machine routine of BO rows, squats(7degree angle is weird), dead lifts , bench press and overhead seated press.
    30 minutes, short rests, a few sets each andI am toast. 2x per week.
    Never used the Smith machine but I tink the 7debfee angle allowimg you to chose the direction you face for a given exercise is better than a NO angle/straight up and down Smith.
    I am liking this and reading Dave Drappers blog I thnk I am a bomber.
    Before, I was working out in the basement(truly) and day trading profitably between sets(lie)
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  3. At 67 I am way past 50 myself. I joined PF a month ago at the persuasion of a friend who is a member there. I was pleasantly surprised. PF gets a bad rap. I still go to a so called real gym on occasion but find myself at PF more and more. Anyway, the reason I am responding is that while i think the Smith Machine is fine for bench press and shrugs, I think its less than safe for deadlifts, rows and squats. Being locked into that fixed position for those movements is not good IMO. Just a personal observation. Enjoy your workouts and stay safe.
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  4. Cannot imagine doing deadlifts in a Smith, too binding. PF is fine for people who just want 100% to do machines or dumbbells but heard too many stories of people being asked to leave if they dropped a weight or made any noise...
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  5. What kind of noises? As for dropping weights, that's always been a bit too cool for me.
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  6. I know that the rules vary from franchise to franchise, but the couple that I've been to aren't all that strict. No, they don't want the meathead grunt that you can hear across the gym and they don't want you dropping a stack, say like a lat pull-down, so that it's banging. Dropping dumbbells is also frowned upon. All in all it's not that bad, the gym and locker rooms are very clean. Dumbbells only go up to 75lbs, so if someone needs more than that PF would not be the place. There are no free weight barbells for bench press, squats, dead-lifts and the like. For ten bills a month it's hard to beat, and an extra 10 gets you the ability to go in any PF nationwide if you're traveling, and that hydro-massage bed is the bomb. I love that thing. That alone is worth the extra 10 a month IMO. Bottom line, if you can't get in a good workout in PF you either don't know what you're doing, you're doing some Olympic type lifts, or you're very advanced. For the beginner, intermediate, run of the mill gym rat, it's plenty fine.
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  7. For cost and equipment it does sound pretty cheap for what you get.
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    Kennedy park in the grove has the outdoor playground gym. Right on the bay with great views and zero costs. That’s where I get my pump going. Lol usually without a shirt hahahahaga
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