Life after 50

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    Writing on the go papa. You gets what’s me talkin bout.
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    You know how I preach sleep. Numero uno. Meditation can help tremendously with this.
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  3. I have numbness in my left leg and left foot.
    The numbness went all the way up to my hip for several months but that part is gone now.

    I have always eaten well, taken vitamins and participated in some sort of exercise most of my life. About 2.5 years ago, I noticed numbness in my left leg and I thought I had pulled a muscle. After a month, I saw the doc and he told me it was a pinched nerve in my L4 and L5 at the base of my spine.

    So, a pinched nerve in my back influences numbness in my leg.

    I was insistent for over a year that they were wrong, but after hearing it from different doctors and nurses 6-8 times, I began to believe them. It's still numb and the doc told me I was going to have to live with it. It's not painful, just a nuisance.

    I wish there was something I could do to 'unpinch it', but apparently there isn't.
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  7. Thanks for the suggestions.
    Most of them look like they are yoga related. I do yoga daily but I don't do all of the exercises every day, except for perhaps downward dog. It feels good knowing that the yoga routine I do is helpful to improving myself.
    But I am still going to follow the routines recommended.

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    Downward dog is my go to stretch when running. Before and after every run. I actually will do that stretch anywhere anytime.
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    Dave Ricks, 60th birthday squats, 277.5kg.

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  10. The guy is very strong, but how did you arrive at the 277.5kg number?
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