Lies, Lies and More Lies

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  1. The only discrepancy in Mondo's post was that he would be living in a box and ran a three card monty game. I have seen those guys just rake in the dough off of tourists. At the same time I feel sorry for the tourist, I am awed by the slight of hand.

    Well, I was awed until I learned about the fourth card.
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  2. doher


    Liars - they never do anything for the small investor.

    Then when their caught - they get a slap on the wrist MER and Spitzer settlement.

    Do you think Jack Grubworm has trouble sleeping?

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    "Do you think Jack Grubworm has trouble sleeping?"


    Not unless he's sleeping on piles of money and gets a paper-cut.
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  4. MrDinky


    "Our training program is the best in the business"

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  5. "I am just trying to save you some money." Telemarketing Script

    "[...] you need and deserve" TV commercials

    "a daily dose of aspirin increases your life expectancy" Bayer

    "a daily does of aspirin does not significantly decrease your life expectancy" implied by the prior lie

    "war is necessary for homeland security" Adolph Hitler

    "artificially moisturized skin is healthy skin" TV commercials

    "washers" misleading and untruthful label used to describe breeding facilities for micro-organisms in the USA (which never produce temperatures in excess of 350K)
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