Lieberman prays for Palin win

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  1. 06.10.2008
    Lieberman: Palin Will Win "With God's Help"

    Via CNN streaming video, I watched Sarah Palin's event in Clearwater, Florida, this morning. She was heartily introduced there by John McCain's pal Joe Lieberman. The former Democrat is a very strange figure these days, far from his moorings in the Democratic Party. But you can see how his personal friendship with McCain, and his genuine support for the Iraq war, might cause him to help out his buddy on the stump.

    It was jarring, however, to hear Lieberman's full-throated endorsement of Sarah Palin, a woman with whom he has no prior relationship, and whose policy credentials you have to think the wonky 20-year Senator would find suspect in any other context.

    "She's so strong, she's so capable, she's so competent," Lieberman told the cheering crowd. Emphasizing her "faith," he added that she is someone who "with your help--and God's help--will be the next vice president of the United States." More big cheers.

    The religiousity continued when Palin bounded onstage. She commented right away on the number of American flags in the crowd, declaring: "God bless America--you guys get it!"

    And then it was on with the attacks on Obama: "There are some candidates who use change to promote their careers. And then there are some candidates, like John McCain, who use their careers to promote change," Palin said. She went on to reiterate charges that Obama is friendly with terrorists (Bill Ayers), wants America to lose in Iraq, and smears US troops in Afghanistan.

    More: For this heavily churchgoing GOP crowd, Palin is showing a side we haven't seen in her TV interviews and at the debate. Mentioning the potential for wind and solar power in Florida she exclaims: "God has so richly blessed you here!" Between her and Lieberman, that makes four references to faith and God in about five minutes.

    P.S. Now playing after her speech: Shania Twain's "She's Not Just a Pretty Face."

    --Michael Crowley
  2. As a fellow Jew, I can tell you Lieberman is being disregarded. :cool:
  3. sho-tim


    I saw no reference to prayer in the article at all. Did you read Lieberman's mind?
  4. Too funny that all the leftists whined endlessly about Bush "stealing" the election from Joe Lieberman. To THIS DAY one hears about it. Now all of a sudden he's the demon. As if he wasn't a neo-con in 2000 and as if Al Gore didn't share his views.
  5. I know hearing "God bless America" is troubling to Obama supporters. They are used to a slightly different formulation.

    It is also a slap in their faces to say that God has "blessed" the country they know to be a seething cauldron of racism, sexism and homophobia and the cause of the global warming that will likely extinguish all life on this planet we call earth.

    I just hope Bush does not send any more killer hurricanes to block african americans and migrants in search of economic justice from voting.
  6. No. He's always been the demon.
  7. God has blessed America with Barack Obama. Let not the dividers and naysayers scare us with thier deceit and false promises as they have for the last 8 years. Now they resort to vacuous sarcasm.

    Face AAA, your time is so gone your only friend is going to be Johnny Walker Red. The rest of them are in jail, retirement, or hanging thier heads in shame.
  8. Your post 9 was brilliant. Sadly, that seemed to exhaust your supply of wit. Like Rush says, this is harder than it looks.
  9. If it is jarring that Joe endoresed Palin because of no prior relationship then should it also be jarring that many of the democrats who never had relationships with Obama endorsed him?
  10. Don't forget a few sharp Republicans that are endorsing Obama.
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