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  1. Romney earns PolitiFact’s ‘Lie of the Year’ for Jeeps made in China.

    I think this claim by PolitiFact may be this may be the biggest lie in and of itself. Something about Benghazi and a video would come to mind long before I'd be thinking about the Romney gaff. Maybe Al-Qaeda being on it's heels would be a consideration. Perhaps we can't find anything criminal in the GS doings that contributed to the financial meltdown would be in the running. There would be a very long list ahead of the Jeeps made in China thing. The qualifying factors for the biggest lie should have some criteria, like it was a lie that had some real consequence. F'n morons!
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    Paul Joseph Goebbels Reich Minister of Propaganda would be proud.
  3. Not as big a lie as Palins death panels lie of the year but it probably is the biggest lie of the year.It hurt him tremendously when the automakers came out and called him a liar
  4. Between that, and refusing to denounce Akin, that probably cooked him.
  5. He was cooked long before that imo but those made the beating much worse
  6. True. I cannot wait until the righties here call the entire SCOTUS liberals for striking down DOMA.

    Then you can add the SCOTUS to the list of things liberals control, according to the wingers.:)
  7. +1 LOL !!!
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    Oh puhleeze.
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    Trivia: Joseph Goebbels had a PhD.
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    Actually Romney didn't say they were going to STOP building Jeeps in the U.S. He just rightly said they were going to manufacture jeeps in China. That's true.

    Obama has said so many lies about things that are important to every U.S. citizen there is no comparison to anything Romney could have said. Obama would make the cover of 'Liars of The Year' magazine if there were such a publication.
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