Licensed International Financial Analyst (LIFA)

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  1. Licensed International Financial Analyst (LIFA)
    Has anyone ever heard of a new certification called Licensed
    International Financial Analyst (LIFA)? It is offered by an outfit
    called The International Research Association (IRA). Information is

    The LIFA exam is a three-stage exam and they try to compare themselves to the CFA. They will waive
    the first two stages/exams if you have an MBA, CPA, CFA, etc. and register by a certain date. I
    cannot determine the credibility of the organization. It seems like a certification mill but I am
    not 100% certain. The word "licensed" in the certification concerns me. Once they award the
    certification, there are no containing education requirements. The address of IRA is "Harvard
    Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts". Are they trying to legitimize themselves with this address? This
    could all be perfectly legitimate but I do have a suspicious nature. Anyone? Thanks.