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Discussion in 'Forex' started by mvee, Oct 18, 2010.

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    If I were to trade spot forex (and only spot forex) for a RIA, would I be required to hold a series 6, 7, or any other licenses? I have looked around a good deal online and the only mention I can find in FINRA's documentation relating to forex deals with forex options, which I will be avoiding. Does anyone know? Thanks
  2. To register with the nfa you would probably have to take the series 3 and series 34.
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    There are new laws and regulation that went into effect this week. It appears that cash forex market dealers have new guidelines. I do not trade forex so I can not provide information concerning licenses. A RIA would be registered with the SEC and CTA with the NFA. Your employer should be able to advise you of your license requirements. Here is a link with information about the new regulations:
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    To clarify, I am asking about only spot forex, not futures, options, or any other instruments.
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