Libyan Civil war:Libyan army defects, frees city.

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  1. (Reuters) - Members of a Libyan army unit said they had defected and "liberated" the country's second city from forces loyal to veteran leader Muammar Gaddafi after scores of protesters were killed in the bloodiest revolt now shaking the Arab world.

    Two residents of Benghazi told Reuters on Sunday that members of the army's "Thunderbolt" squad had switched sides after days of violence that mark the most serious challenge to Gaddafi's 42-year rule. Al Jazeera reported clashes in the capital between thousands of protesters and Gaddafi supporters.

    In the port city of Benghazi, two residents said members of the army's Thunderbolt squad had arrived at the local hospital with soldiers wounded in clashes with Gaddafi's personal guard.

    "They are now saying that they have overpowered the Praetorian Guard and that they have joined the people's revolt," lawyer Mohamed Al-Mana said by telephone. It was not possible to independently verify the information.

    The "thunderbolt" unit of the Libyan army has defected and defeated Ghadaffi's Praetorian guard.:confused:
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    Perhaps we'll see the good Colonel hanging from a petrol-station sign today like Mussolini. Or maybe Youtube video of Ghadaffy being torn apart by crowds of muslim women.


    But I still say it would be better to throw him from a plane at 35k because that is his karma.
  3. The son of Gadaffi has admitted that Libya's 2nd largest city has fallen.

    1:00am: Saif El Islam Gaddafi, the Libyan leader's son, is speaking live on Libyan state television. He says he will address the nation without a written speech, in the Libyan dialect.

    "I have to be honest with you. We are all armed, even the thugs and the unemployed. At this moment in time, tanks are driven about with civilians. In Bayda you have machine guns right in the middle of the city. Many arms have been stolen."

    "We can agree on a new national anthem, new flag, new Libya. Or be prepared for civil war. Forget about oil."

    "The country will be divided like North and South Korea, we will see each other through a fence. You will wait in line for months for a visa."