Libya updates, oil and the market

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    I have been reading reports this afternoon about the airport and suburbs of Tripoli being in rebel hands. Also an unconfirmed rumor of Gadhafi departing Combine this news with a prediction of peace from the Prime Minister on Friday, news that rebels could resume oil production within 2 or 3 weeks ( and it would seem to me that there should be some premium coming out of Brent, which could bring some relief to Europeans. Rally Monday?
  2. May the Force be with them.
    I laughed SO hard when I saw a vid of one of the Rebel Fighters wearing a Notre Dame sweatshirt.
    Go Fightin' Irish!:)
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    Rumors of Gadhafi's departure proved to be untrue, for now.

    Reuters only minutes ago: "Head of Libya rebel council says ready to stop fighting on condition Gaddafi announces departure", and "Libyan rebels claim they have captured Saif Al-Islam, Gaddafi's son".
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  5. Isn't one of his sons watching George Soros give lectures at LSE?
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    :) Sounds like he (Saif) will soon be visiting The Hague.

    But I am disappointed. I expected a happier stock market. Maybe tomorrow.
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  8. They (Central Bankers) probably have volatility swaps in a bunch of assets keeping things in check right now....
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  10. If there was ever a time to employ dollar based attacks now's a good time to short every last fucking currency Dinar left in Libya. The same tactics should have been employed prior to the Iraq War and to the same denomination of currency Iraqi Dinars.

    In fact the Fed should liquidate their holdings just to do this. It'll make trillions and pay off the national debt.
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