Libya - trader's new home?

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  1. OK - how about a contrarian location.

    After new tax regs, Libya has

    1) EU time zones
    2) 10% personal income tax
    3) 5 year tax holidays for business profits (does trading qualify?)
    4) govt interest in developing finance sector
    5) external debt of $7b vs GDP of $100b
    6) govt revenue = $25b, govt expenditure = $15b

    The govt isn't broke and isn't likely to go after your pocket anytime soon.

    Anyone trading from Tripoli?
  2. I think they are even giving away complimentary camels to run your orders to the nearest telegraph office as part of an incentive package. :D

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    Why would anyone want live in Libya? Anything else there than extreme heat & desert?
  4. Another retarded thread.....
  5. what do the women look like? don't you need to be a muslim to hit on them?
  6. Dude, the women cover their faces in public.
    What else do you need to know?
  7. It's only what's underneath that counts.

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  8. Women who look like Arnold??

  9. I heard that Islamic nations treat non-Muslims as non-humans.
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    How is it at the moment?
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