Libya 1986 attack: Liberals were mourning the killing of Gaddafi's family

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  1. Now in 2011 nothing:The airstrikes on Saturday night killed a son and three grandchildren of Colonel Qaddafi, according to the government, which accused the NATO coalition powers of “a direct operation to assassinate the leader of this country” in violation of international law
    Libya bombing 1986 (in response to Libya killing US soliders in Germany):
    1st anniversaryOn the first anniversary of the bombing, April 1987, European and North American left-wing activists gathered to commemorate the anniversary. After a days of social and cultural networking with local Libyans, including a tour of Gaddafi's bombed house, the group gathered with other Libyans for a commemoration event.[41]

    [edit] 20th anniversaryEarly on April 15, 2006 – to mark the 20th anniversary of the bombing raid – a concert involving U.S. singer Lionel Richie and Spanish tenor José Carreras was held in front of Gaddafi's bombed house in Tripoli. Diplomats, businessmen and politicians were among the audience of what Libya dubbed the "concert for peace". The BBC reported Lionel Richie as telling the audience, regarding Gaddafi's supposed adopted daughter, "Hanna will be honored tonight because of the fact that you've attached peace to her name."[42]

    Where's Lionel now? What about Hanna?
  2. Obama might get a second Noble Peace prize if he keeps acting like this.