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  1. elitetradersimage.png Why risk your own money!

    You’ve got the talent to trade - we’ve got funds for you to trade!

    LMI is offering funding for everyone willing to trade the US futures from anywhere in the world.

    You get the trading, we get you funded. As simple as that.

    How does it work?
    In the safe environment, you are going to get the necessary market skills and successfully manage a funded session account in future. You will improve your trading, refine your trading system and get better at risk management without risking your own capital.

    That’s what we call our Traders’ Recruitment Program.

    All you need to do is prove you can trade. And you’re going to be doing it using the industry best volume analytical platform for free!

    Don't risk your own money.
    Instead, try our Practice Session. We’d like to make sure you can trade profitably and your risk management is OK. Take your time to complete your Practice Session for as long as you need. Trade when it’s comfortable for you. The subscription lasts 30 calendar days (15 days for the Mini account), after which you can extend your subscription for another 30 calendar days (15 days for the Mini account).

    Choose the Practice Session that best suits your trading system and risk management needs. Give it a try. If you can manage while adhering to our risk rules, it’s a good sign you are a reliable trader to get funded. Prove it by completing our Qualifying Session. Be careful with trading the news, scale your position size and finally get funded!

    We’re here for you
    Once you complete both steps of our Traders’ Recruitment Program - Practice Session and Qualifying Session - you’ll get funded. Guaranteed. Keep up to 100% of profits that you make. All risks are on us - all you need to do is trade your best.

    And we know that psychology matters. If something goes wrong when you get funded, we’ll back you up and allow you to go for a free Practice/Qualifying Session, no questions asked.

    Best Support Team
    We get your questions answered promptly. We aim to do it in 24hrs, just let us know what you need. All your withdrawals are processed as fast as that, too.

    We’re here to prove that we are the industry best proprietary trading company you can rely on. Try us out to see that what we offer is for real!
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  2. Franz


    there´s still only Volfix available?
  3. Hey Franz. At the moment, yes. But you're going to like it once you get used to it. And Volfix is included for both our Practice, Qualifying and Funded Sessions!
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  4. Adraste


    Volfix is very expensive for what it does compared to many professionnal platforms.
    There isn't any queue system to let the traders being filled on the bid/ask during the practice and qualifying sessions ...
  5. canoe


    your explanation of the max trailing DD on your help page is confusing; in one sentence, you say it's calculated intraday. in another, you say it's calculated at the end of the trading day.

    i understand that in the funded account, if you hit the max trailing DD number intraday in real-time, of course your funded account will be closed.

    but what's of interest to most ppl is whether the trailing drawdown moves up based on realized PnL like Topsteptrader or unrealized PnL like Oneuptrader/Gauntlet mini?

    for example, if i'm currently long 3 NQ contracts and in profit by +$1000, then it comes back down and hits my breakeven stop, does the trailing drawdown move up $1000 or is it unchanged?

    in TST, my trailing DD would stay the same, as if i had no loss (since my stop was at breakeven).

    in OUT and Gauntlet Mini, it's considered as if i had a -$1000 loss and my trailing DD moves up $1000.

    the latter is a total bullshit rule that will just lead to endless resets so it's in everyone's interest to avoid those kinds of funding companies.
  6. Earn2Trade-Ryan

    Earn2Trade-Ryan Sponsor

    Not to butt in on LMI’s thread (welcome!), but I take a bit off offense to your comment. We did not design this trailing system. We use what Rithmic gives us. Rithmic is one of the largest data feed providers and this is the system that their retail and professional traders have asked them to provide. We’ve asked Rithmic to offer additional settings so that we could potentially offer an end of day trail but until they do, we provide what we have. We could design an automated system to do this while in the Gauntlet but when funded we are not the broker and simply do not have the authorization or access to set risk parameters like this.

    While some of our competitors are okay with not having similar rules and operations between challenge/funded, it’s one of the biggest complaints we hear and take great care to make sure the challenge and funded experience are the same.

    For the vast majority of our customers, they have no issue with this. The idea is take quick profits and when you’re in a winning trade, don’t let it come back to a loss. Too many successful traders will tell you that breakeven stops are one of the biggest mistakes that lead to retail traders become one of the 95%.

    If you have any other questions or comments, feel free to do so on our thread rather than commenting about us on another providers thread.
  7. canoe


    Ryan. if you are so offended with potential customers bringing up rules that exist in your own evaluation product in an attempt to ask for more clarity from your competitor on their own evaluation rules, to the point that you would hijack their sponsored post and derail the conversation, then maybe offer a more competitive product instead of constantly defending your rationale for it on online forums?

    you don't need to explain, yet again, why your product has a trailing DD based on unrealized PnL. we already went over this on your own thread Ryan. i accepted your explanation. i never accused you of deliberately setting up disadvantageous "bullshit" rules to the detriment of traders.

    but at the end of the day, it still remains the case that the rule is detrimental to traders. the effect that it has on traders really is "bullshit."

    and most importantly the fact still remains: there's literally a direct competitor of your's (TST) that offers a trailing DD based on realized PnL which is vastly superior. AND they also offer that with Rithmic, both in their evaluation and their funded accounts. as mentioned in your own thread, we will not speculate as to how TST manages to achieve this with Rithmic when E2T can't, but the how and why are not important to us. we, as customers, only care about the end-product and the fact is, TST's trailing DD is superior to the trailing DD offered by OUT and the Gauntlet Mini in that it gives us traders a higher chance of passing the evaluation and getting funded.

    Wow. if you sincerely believe that the vast majority of people attempting evaluations have "no issue" with a trailing DD based on unrealized PnL, holy batman you are so out of touch. it's the most, if not one of the most significant considerations for ppl thinking about attempting these evaluations. but hey, if you wanna keep parroting this narrative and look like a fool, go ahead because there's a whole army of combine/evaluation veterans here who say otherwise.

    and seriously ryan...the breakeven stop was just an exaggerated example i used to make it as clear as possible to the OP what i was talking about. it's not something i'm actually advocating smh.
  8. Volfix is free for the Traders' Recruitment Program and the Funded Session.
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  9. Canoe,

    TST used to offer end-of-day (EOD) trailing DD back in the day. I’m currently doing their combine and things have vastly changed from over a year ago. For the FIRST time, I experienced something I never had and as a result had to reset my account with TsT, BECAUSE they adopted an unrealized PNL, intraday DD. This was hugely disturbing to me, Canoe.

    Me thinks you’re neither a current, combine trader nor a funded trader; otherwise, you’d KNOW that your line of thinking is flawed. Tst has copied 1upTrader and did away with the EOD trailing as you’ve described.

    I have a blog in which you can follow my trading journey, just Google these keywords “Cherry-Boga Trading on FaceBook”, because unlike you, my friend, I’m in the trenches! I’m not spewing misinformation.

    If I’m mistaken about your trading status, please show me something to prove that you’re a funded trader. Perhaps a link to one of TsT trader highlights, because based of what you posted - you’ve lost ALL credibility with me.
  10. You didn’t answer Canoe’s question, even though it was long-winded. HOW DOES YOUR TRADING FIRM CALCULATE YOUR DRAWDOWNS? Is it intraday or EOD?

    found your link:

    So, it's INTRADAY.

    BUT, is that based on REALISED OR UNREALISED PNL? Please clarify.
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