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  1. On the day some Republican is being led to the guillotine on a trumped-up charge of abetting terrorists, he'll probably be mumbling, "Thank God for George Bush. Al Gore would have shot my dog as well."

  2. GG:

    In all seriousness....everything Gary Nolan says makes perfect sense.....but if you look at ANY candidates home page they all make sense and make it sound easy.....but never spell out specifically how they will pay for different things or how they would handle security ect.......
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    Read the Libertarian Manifesto. It is a great idea but the implementation of security and things leaves a lot to be desired. Imagine having all the radio and television frequencies being allocated by lawsuit after lawsuit based on interference. There needs to be some rethinking of the Libetarian platform.

  4.'s easy to say...20% tax, thats all..( hell, I'd love that).....but which programs do you cut out of the fed budget??? that's the hard part and is often the difference between your respective party...same with the patriot act....I agree there should be some repeal of the laws...but all of them??
  5. So if a thief only stole 20% of your property, you'd be happy?

    How about to start... all of them?
  6. Again...sounds easy....but what about fire? police? fbi? roads? which program of the above woudl you eliminate?
  7. Nice strawman but you said federal programs. Fire and police are not federal programs. Why can't roads be built by the private sector? Is your argument that the government could do it more efficiently?

    Yes, they all go except for the Constitutional mandates, which include courts, defense, and the like.
  8. BTW, another strawman: "sounds easy." I never said it would be easy but the right solutions rarely are.

  9. I when there is a natural a hurricane, earthquake, forest trade centers you honestly think your local taxes pick up the tab??? LOL...Roads can and are built by the private sector.....but what about larger roads like I-95 ??? Border patrol? who pays for that? Environmental preserves? Hey, you have me all wrong...Im for much smaller government and taxes...but like most, i want it only if my particular services or way of life is not interrupted.
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