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  1. saw a teaser by an author on cspan who wrote a book "Libertarinism"

    according to him the polling data shows

    about 10% consider themselves Libertarians

    if you ask the questions on issues, 30% would be classified as Libertarian

    50% of the population considers themselves to be socially liberal and fiscally conservative
  2. I suppose this to mean welfare is okay as long as the money isn't spent at a strip club. The other 50% of the population figures spending welfare money on hookers and blow is no different than using tax dollars to pay a gov't worker like police and garbage man etc. Everyone is providing a service, keeps the economy going.
  3. no it means, 50% of the people don't like the republicans social conservative views, and don't like the democrats fiscally liberal views

    so where do they go? (providing they still feel their vote makes a difference)

    I don't know what your big problem with welfare is. At the moment, that is the least of our concerns. We could line up every poor person receiving welfare against a wall and exterminate them by firing squad and all that would do is make you happy, but it wouldn't make a dent in the debt.

    all I was saying is, even though many in the past have considered themselves republicans or democrats, increasingly, more people who are not loyal, are libertarian, either outright, or by being classified that way by how they answer particular questions, or just in general.
  4. The U.S. spent 790 billion on welfare in 2012. You think that wouldn't "make a dent in the debt"?

    BTW- I voted Constitution party in 2008 and have been a big advocate for the Libertarian party over the last few years.
    Glad to see other people starting to look their way.
  5. pay me now or pay me later. Sometimes it's cheaper just to pay people, than pay for their crimes then pay for their incarceration.

    It costs more to keep a son in prison for a year, than to keep his mother in an apartment for a year.

    I've heard the same complaints about foreign aid. Sounds like a lot of money, but it's cheaper than a war.

    Like I said, I voted a straight libertarian ticket 2012. First time I ever saw that option an a ballot, so it was a no brainer.

    But I doubt a third party will ever take hold.

    I saw this with the Gap and bluejeans. We stopped buying new jeans and just tried to get them old and faded and our girlfriends started patching them.

    The Gap figured this out, and just started offering pre washed faded jeans, and it was easier for kids to just go there and buy them than do it theirself.
  6. Ricter


    Regulated freedom is a necessary evil; some people emphasize regulation and other people emphasize freedom. Real society exists somewhere between totalitarianism and anarchy.
  7. It cost about 15k per pupil for education in NY, why not just take the losers and give them a check for maybe 3k a year and call it even and have them drop out now. They're future welfare reciepiants anyways.
  8. I hear ya. This country could still move a lot further to the left before it would ever be socialist. And it could move a lot further to the right before it would ever be libertarian.

    Most of the bitching is over "The Slippery Slope."

    Like I said, 50% when asked consider themselves socially liberal and fiscally conservative, and neither party fits that description at the moment.

    republicans can't win without the anti abortion anti gay evangelical vote

    and soon the democrats won't win without promising new spending, and they are running out of money

    the old evangelicals are dying out, and the old commies are being laughed at by their kids

    my guess is, in the future, both parties will be arguing that they are the most libertarian

    words like "conservative" and "progressive" will be replaced by everydody's new definition of what it means to be a libertarian.

    and the democrats will call themselves libertarian because they are socially liberal

    and the republicans will call themselves libertarian because they are fiscally conservative
  9. well, as it stands now, we are all future reciepients.

    The idea is to not condemn any kid to an almost certain life of poverty, with no chance to get ahead other than a life of crime.

    The old paper routes are gone. The days of shovelling snow and mowing grass are gone. You can't even go knock on doors and collect bottles for the deposit anymore. Heck, they even nailed a kid for being a Bat Boy at the World Series a couple of years ago.
  10. They are only gone because kids are fucking lazy and think shoveling snow or mowing someone else's lawn for $20 is beneath them. When I was 12-17 my brother and I would walk down the entire block asking if people wanted their sidewalks and driveways shoveled. Made some good pocket money and learned that I didn't want to do manual labor for the rest of my life.
    This generation is a pack of fat, lazy, entitled pussies. You can thank the liberal school system and television for that.
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