Liberman wants to stay in war, WHY?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by myminitrading, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. What is with this bone head? why would he want for the US to stay in Iraq, bet he has no loved ones their.
  2. LT701


    although he may have relatives in a different country in the region ;)

    oy vey!
  3. He's just the only dumokkkrat who hasn't flip-flopped his story to manipulate the politically non-astute voters, that's all.
  4. As a jew, he is an "expert" on Iraq....I mean the Middle East.... :eek:
  5. I bet he can use the correct form of "there".
  6. ======================

    1]He has enough guts to keep on fighting the war on terror;
    same reason for entry.

    2]Another great reason ;
    voters elected him again to do just that

    3] Most Media hates the war, another good reason to stay in

    4]Same principle of capital punishment;
    some like terrorists simply should be executed, good place for it

  7. fhl


    On the surrenderthon:

    Senator Joe Lieberman tells it like it is. His integrity is ever more appealing- "Some have said this is the only amendment with teeth- But, who does it bite?... This amendment mandates a retreat no matter what the conditions are on the ground... This is an amendment to embrace defeat in Iraq."