Liberals - what caused the problems with Greece?

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    Just wondering what the left blames the problems of Greece on. The "talking points" from the right are the same as always - big government, massive welfare, jaw dropping debt, etc. But what does the left think caused their problems? Bush/Cheney/Haliburton? Global warming? Didn't tax the rich enough? Government too small? Not enough borrowing/welfare/taxes/regulation? Didn't nationalize health care early enough or completely enough? Racist/homophobic/bigoted/evil/rich/angry/white/male/teabagging speculators with guns in one hand and bibles in the other?

    Whatcha got?

    And (for the liberals) how do they get back on track? Retirement at 40 instead of 45? Minimum wage to $15 an hour (USD)? Tax the rich? Massive new programs for shovel ready projects? Broadband for the outliers? Housing for the poor?
  2. That's silly... The problems Greece faces obviously have nothing to do with one's political inclinations. Let's not trivialize the issues and bring up American "left/right" dichotomies.
  3. I think it's wonderful how you manage to stay so neutral as a moderator. It's so much better here than at those other web sites where moderators are assholes, don't you think?
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  5. After hundreds of millions of dollars and months of deliberations spent by the European Union investigating possible origins for the meltdown in the Greek economy they concluded that it was ...a guy named Ed!
  6. I blame the false American dream of everyone can get rich, that you can have it all right now, that you can do so easily without worry being proffered up as a solution to the problems for all societies, all cultures, etc.

    We preach our way of life (look at us now) to the entire world with as much ferocity as a Baptist Minister at a tent revival in the deep south.

    Shit, we will even invade countries under false pretenses to attempt to convert the rest of the world to our own ideology...
  7. you captured it all except forgot to mention that you can trade for a living rather than working productively lol :D :D

    its a great country!!
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    I'd reply, but he's got me on ignore, so instead I'll just go for post count. Funny, ask for the liberal point of view, but have them on ignore.
  9. why what you afraid of reading? what are you afraid of another POV? would you burn books too? :eek:
  10. Great post/question.
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