Liberals Start Free Speech Attack Against Limbaugh

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    Rush Limbaugh’s opponents are starting a radio campaign against him Thursday, seizing upon the radio star’s attack of a Georgetown law student as a “slut” to make a long-term effort aimed at weakening his business.

    The liberal Media Matters for America is using a past campaign against Glenn Beck as a template. In Limbaugh, however, they’re going after bigger game. He’s already fighting back and the group’s stance has provoked concerns that an effort to silence someone for objectionable talk is in itself objectionable.

    Media Matters is spending at least $100,000 for two advertisements that will run in eight cities.

    The ads use Limbaugh’s own words about student Sandra Fluke, who testified at a congressional hearing that contraception should be paid for in health plans. Limbaugh, on his radio programs, suggested Fluke wanted to be paid to have sex, which made her a “slut” and a “prostitute.” In return for the money, he said Fluke should post videos of herself having sex. Under sharp criticism, Limbaugh later apologized.

    In one of the anti-Limbaugh ads, listeners are urged to call the local station that carries Limbaugh to say “we don’t talk to women like that” in our city.

    Ad time was purchased in Boston; Chicago; Detroit; Seattle; Milwaukee; St. Louis; Macon, Ga.; and Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The cities were selected to support active local campaigns against Limbaugh or because of perceptions Limbaugh may be vulnerable in that market, said Angelo Carusone of Media Matters.

    “What we’re really looking for is a way to demonstrate the persistence of the effort and the fact that it is on a wide scale,” Carusone said.

    A spokeswoman for Premiere Radio Networks, which syndicates Limbaugh’s show to more than 600 radio stations nationally, said Media Matters has gone beyond criticism of Limbaugh’s words to an attempt to silence him and intimidate advertisers.

    “This is not about women,” said Rachel Nelson, Premiere spokeswoman. “It’s not about ethics and it’s not about the nature of our public discourse. It’s a direct attack on America’s guaranteed First Amendment right to free speech. It’s essentially a call for censorship masquerading as high-minded indignation.”
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    And now the liberals have come out with a song that says to KILL Rush. The music is really bad so you may not want to listen to it.

    Way to go Google. I thought you took down hate speach videos. Guess it depends upon one's politics.

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  3. One way Limbaugh supporters can counteract that is by buying thousands of ads in his show. :) .
  4. I think this may raise some interesting legal issues. You don; thave a First Amendment right to interfere with someone's business maliciously.
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    Where were you during Falwell's Moral Majority, which was far more militant in its tactics and which actually did intimidate advertisers rather than merely being falsely accused of doing so?