Liberals Prefer Comedy and Sarcasm - Conservatives Prefer Serious Reality

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    In a report prepared exclusively for EW, the company calculated some of the favorite — and least favorite — TV shows of political partisans (specifically: the report measures which shows among the survey group were watched by the highest concentration of self-identified “Liberal Democrats” and “Conservative Republicans”).

    In the findings, “sarcastic” media-savvy comedies and morally murky antiheroes tend to draw Dems. While serious work-centered shows (both reality shows and stylized scripted procedurals), along with reality competitions, tend to draw conservatives.
  2. There was a study done that showed that republicans thought Stephen Colbert was a funny conservative. Satire and comedy is too difficult a concept for the republican brain to understand, hence why comedians are liberals.

    Also explains why a majority of scientists are liberals whereas militia groups, religious people, and those who like to blow up federal buildings are conservatives.

    Really, the conservative brain is a defected instrument that has difficulty processing complexity. This explains why republicans once given a distinct singular narrative, they stay with it no matter if it defies reality.
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    That stephen colbert statement has to be bullshit... unless it was taken many years ago... when he was just starting and only rarely let it out of the bag he was mocking OReilly at times.

    However, if you watch Colbert, he mocks stupidity on the left and the right. When he has an intelligent author on like that Nigel Furgesson he just rolls over like a puppy.

    with respect to scientists being liberal.... not really...

    Is it hard to understand that those who rely on govt grants for their income pretend they are liberals?
  4. do you have any proof of this?
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  6. Spat my coffee all over the computer reading conservatives are serious and realistic. This coming from a party that cut taxes while waging two wars. Only a party that was seriously reckless and irresponsible would ever do such a thing. It had never been done in history. In the words of Rick Perry "thats treason". Americanselect or for you independents here.
  7. This from the party that is going to have Trump moderate a debate. Try again!
  8. The article states
    "More than half of the scientists surveyed (55%) say they are Democrats, compared with 35% of the public. Fully 52% of the scientists call themselves liberals; among the public, just 20% describe themselves as liberal."
    That is only a small percentage, and anyway, how many scientists are closely following politics? I'm not defending "conservatives" in anyway, I just don't think you can use that as a point as to why "liberals" are "smarter."
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    I didnt' provide the link as proof that liberals are smarter since I believe just the opposite. I provided the link for the poster who asked for a link providing evidence that more scientists are liberal (or Democrat).
  10. Oh yeah, I understand.
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