Liberals have a new ally!

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  1. So if Bush wins the election, Soros will kill himself?
  2. So we are supposed to believe his only motivation is a fervent desire for good government plus an inability to distinguish the Bush administration from Nazi Germany? Wonder what the other leg of his trade involves? Who's bankrolling it? The Saudi's? The Russian mafia? The Chinese?

    Just on the facts presented in this article, it is pretty clear he is violating the campaign finance laws. Why doesn't that duffus Ashcroft get off his butt and file a lawsuit? Probably too busy with going after the dread menace of bong selling over the internet. You can bet your ass that if this was the Clinton administration and Soros was bankrolling an anti-Clinton operation, he'd have half a dozen federal agencies on him. And his chances of a fatal "accident" or "Arkancide" would be very high.

  3. America America, God said these words to me
    "Next year crown thy George so ye shall gorge
    From sea to shining sea.

    America America,
    God said these words to me,
    "Feed all the liberals with poison pills
    And take your land's wealth for free."
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    That guy is scary looking, looks like a door to door vacuum cleaner salesman or something.

    Of course the patriot act is scary looking too, maybe he can do something to roll back that complete subversion of the bill of rights. They are already using it against non-terrorist criminals.

  5. Tuesday Nov. 11, 2003; 11:29 p.m. EST
    Billionaire Bush-basher Soros Convicted of Insider Trading

    Billionaire Bush-basher George Soros has gotten a lot of press in recent days, mostly over his comments on Monday where he likened President Bush to Adolf Hitler and reiterated his promise to spend whatever it takes to defeat Bush at the polls next year.

    But none of the reports mentioned one salient fact: the Democratic Party's great rich hope was convicted of insider trading less than a year ago.

    Before Soros announced his intention to bankroll the Dems' bid to topple Bush, press accounts were a lot more candid about his checkered background.

    Here's how the Washington Post described the Democrats' Daddy Warbucks five months ago:

    "In some parts of the world, Soros, 72, is a mistrusted figure. The Hungarian immigrant made a fortune on Wall Street, and in 1992 was dubbed the 'man who broke the Bank of England' after engaging in a series of speculative transactions that helped devalue the pound."

    The Post continued:

    "He has been accused of triggering the Asian economic crisis that began in 1997. Last year he was convicted of insider trading in France and fined $ 2.2 million, a ruling he dismissed as 'a queer decision' and promised to appeal."

    According to the New York Times, prosecutors in Paris had accused Soros of "buying stakes in four formerly state-owned companies in France, including one of the country's leading banks, Societe Generale, for his Quantum Endowment Fund in 1988 based on confidential information. The stakes were worth a total of about $50 million at the time.

    "Two other defendants in the case . . . were acquitted. At a hearing [in Nov. 2002], prosecutors recommended fines for all three men, and suggested the $2.3 million figure for Mr. Soros as a minimum penalty."

    Now that he's set his sights on presidential politics, Mr. Soros is said to be working closely with former White House deputy chief of staff Harold Ickes, who was at the center of the 1996 Clinton fund-raising scandal.
  6. Yeah, and they're even using it on non-terrorist, non-criminal , entrepreneurs who provide a valuable service to society, aka drug dealers.