Liberals Cheer 54 billion dollar Tax hike on Poor and Middle

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    How much are the mandate provisions expected to raise in federal revenue? According to the non-partisan CBO (see table 2 here) the mandate-related penalties for those too poor to afford insurance will amount to 54 billion dollars over the 2012-2022 period.

    It is, in other words, a way of implementing a highly regressive tax to fund the coverage expansion. And it is, as such, a highly unfair way to pay for that program: it takes from low-income families who will be denied medical insurance to help other low-income families pay for theirs.

    All of which leaves me perplexed as to why progressives, and democrats more generally, are celebrating the fact that SCOTUS ruled in favor of these provisions. Surely the 54 billion in revenues can be collected in some other, fairer, way.

    (And just to put the new 54 billion dollar tax on low-income families in context: the tax on big banks implemented to recover TARP-related losses is estimated by Treasury to collect in all 41 billion dollars
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    You know the logic here is correct.

    The larger majority of conservatives have health care.
    Obama and the dems just hammered the lower middle and middle class people who go without insurance but pay taxes.

    They just hammered 20 to 40 year olds.
  3. only the first step though, once those people have shouted loud enough, then Obama can say okay..single payer time. oh and 50%++ style European tax rates.

    Its all planned.

  4. Again, I'll try to explain this. If you have insurance, no changes, no big deal.

    If you don't, I guess you expect me and other taxpayers to cover you for your medical and emergency room visits. You want to be on welfare from other taxpayers. That's fine I guess.

    But, if you believe in actual conservative values, like personal responsibility, then you should want those otherwise welfare recipients without insurance, to pay their fair share. Via a fine/tax or whatever, I know I do. Makes it easier to hire more people.
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    Top 10 Things Obama Said After the SCOTUS Ruling on Obamacare
    From Imao

    10: “Huh… that wasn’t supposed to happen.”
    9: “I’m glad the Supreme Court knows the Constitution as well as I pretend to know it.”
    8: “I know I said the Supreme Court doesn’t have power to make decisions like this, but it worked in my favor so who cares.”
    7: “Let me be clear, this is a tax, not what I said it wasn’t earlier.”
    6: “Quiet on the putting green.”
    5: “I passed Obamacare, I ruled on its constitutionality, and I have taken possession of the Supreme Court.”
    4: “Today healthcare. Tomorrow Piggly Wiggly!”
    3: “Today I begin to rule my opponents with an iron fist of jello.”
    2: “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still Animal Farm.”
    1: “I. Am. Screwed.”

    :) :) :)
  6. Or, I have helped the American people and businesses.

    Look, I'm tired of paying taxes to cover those uninsured, just like with those with no car insurance. Make them pay a penalty.
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    Not really true: rates go way up to cover the insurance side of the whole thing and its many angles and directives.
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    If the rest of the developed world can make it work, so can we. Else, we are retarded.
  9. Exactly, why are we afraid to do the right thing? Is it the word socialism? It's just a word when it comes to HC.
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