Liberals Betrayed: What has Obama Done for the Liberal Who Elected Him?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by schizo, Mar 13, 2010.

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    The seething angst among the liberals is about to explode, myself included. This dude is all talk and no action. Everything bears the same loathing stamp of bygone Bush era than a real change we can believe in. Even the lukewarm democratic constituents within his own "centrist" beltway is crumbling. What the hell has Obama done for the liberals who went all out to have him elected?

    I'm afraid this will not turn out very pretty. :mad: :mad: :mad:

    Divided party? It’s not just GOP, but also Dems:
  2. Don't worry, he's doing his best to steal from the productive to give to the lazy.

    Liberals should be proud.
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    I don't want to make this thread into a personal grievance divided between democrats and republicans. But speaking of healthcare legislation, it's so damn watered down it really doesn't make any difference from the current crappy system we have.

    Obama swept into office with high approval ratings and he had the support from both House and the Senate. But what the hell did he do? He squandered the chance by pretending to be Messianic, catering to this party and that party. No doubt, his oratorical skills are impeccable, but he has yet done anything for those core constituents that elected him, namely the hard-core liberals.
  4. Social Justice, eh?
  5. flawed ideology

    party does not matter

    glad the sheep are seeing the flawed ideology.

    Bush was hated for who he really was.

    this guy is hated for NOT being who he said he was.

    Wrap your head around how fucked up that reality is Sal.
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    Obama's lukewarm centrist stance toward Republican on healthcare issues and toward Wall Street on the issues of fat bonuses is like Chamberlain's meek posture of appeasement towards Hitler, which only emboldened Hitler to start World War 2. Personally, I'm sick and tired of his empty rhetorics. I want to see concrete actions taken to enact the campaign pledges he so boldly promised. Above all, I can't stand his lukewarm centrist political posturing trying to accommodate everyone.
  7. You are either a conservative/Republican posing as a liberal/Democrat or you completely FAIL to see the reality of American politics.

    It isn't Obama stalling on health care reform: it's conservative Democrats and ALL Republicans. He is not a dictator: he is a President. He can set forth goals and solutions but he cannot make the final decision without the efforts of others. Work to defeat conservative Dems and all Republicans; don't attack Obama.

    A middle-of-the-road Obama is far better than the most liberal Republican that might win the nomination in 2012. In fact, Obama HAS to govern from the middle to (1) represent the largest number of people and (2) to get re-elected.

    Cut him a friggin' break: he's been in office for slightly over 1 year. The economy has improved considerably, we are almost out of Iraq, the Afghanistan withdrawal is going to happen, and health care reform, (while far from perfect), is at least a step in the right direction.
  8. Thank goodness!
  9. What's the alternative?

    another satanic neocon republican in the WH is not an option.

    look at what the satanists in the supreme court did. Allow foreign corporations to influence elections.
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    Hahahaha, that was a good little laugh. You call him a liberal and change his skin tone and people like you honestly believe he is different. NAFTA, S&PP, Patriot Act, Iraq, Afghanistan.... et al. Give me one way that Obama is different from Bush in action and not just rhetoric. And if you say health care then you are ignoring the largest expansion of medicare since its inception under GWB. With two parties the people are blinded by bias, if they get sick of one group they feel better just electing the other. We will never learn.
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