Liberals attack conservative Supreme Court justices

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  1. Liberals vs. SCOTUS conservatives
    Kenneth P. Vogel Kenneth P. Vogel – Mon Mar 7, 4:43 am ET

    Still reeling from a 2010 Supreme Court ruling that opened the door to an explosion of political ads from corporate interests, and fearful the court could overturn President Barack Obama’s healthcare overhaul, liberal groups have launched an aggressive – and at times personal – attack on the court’s most conservative justices.

    The sharp questioning of the impartiality and ethics of Justices Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia and to a lesser extent Samuel Alito represents the most concerted attack on a bloc of justices since the early 1970s, when conservatives waged a long campaign against the liberal justices of the Warren Court, most notably Justices William O. Douglas and Abe Fortas.

    Thomas and Scalia have been accused of undermining public confidence in the court by engaging in partisan politics and making decisions that could benefit the political and financial interests of their family and associates. And both justices have faced calls for the Justice Department to investigate alleged conflicts of interest and possibly to invalidate their votes in the 2010 decision on political spending, Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission. One low-profile liberal watchdog group last week even asked the Missouri Supreme Court to disbar Thomas. Alito has been criticized for speaking at fundraising events for conservative groups opposed to Obama’s agenda. Only Chief Justice John Roberts, the fourth staunch conservative on the court, has been relatively immune from the same kind of criticism.

    For liberals, the disposition – and, to some extent, the public perception – of the court is of looming concern as key aspects of Obama’s ambitious domestic agenda appear on a collision course with the Supreme Court’s conservative bloc, which has been able to lure swing Justice Anthony Kennedy on key cases, including Citizens United. Obama’s surprisingly blunt criticism of the majority’s decision in that case during his 2010 state of the union address seemed to set the tone for the scrutiny that followed.

    “What we’re seeing is that there is major concern among liberals that the four dyed-in-the-wool conservatives on the court – with Justice Kennedy when they’re able to bring him on board – are now in a period of real activism,” said Noah Feldman, a Harvard law professor who wrote a book about the sometimes heated battles surrounding the jurisprudence of the liberal justices Franklin D. Roosevelt appointed to the Supreme Court.

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  2. So typical of liberals. They lose the battle of ideas, and go straight to personal attacks.

    Of course, when they agree with the Court's decisions, we are solemnly lectured about how very inappropriate any criticism of the learned justices is and how we must all immediately bow down to their edicts.
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    Maybe liberals should go to and order themselves a copy of the Constitution. Maybe they would then realize we have three branches of government practially immune from the trappings of the other two. The Justice Department is part of the Executive branch and the Supreme Court is immune from having their votes altered from the other branches.

    Liberals are absolute morons.

    Of course some Democratic Congressmen mistakenly think the three branches of government are the President, the Senate and the House.

    Schumer's idiotic statement including a misunderstanding of the 3 branches of government at about the 1:10 time mark.
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    That's not very tolerant or PC is it? :)
  6. Freudian slip? BTW Schumer is LYING about social security just like Odumbo and Reid have. Even CNN has called them on it:

    Social Security is safe in a federal shutdown
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    And the liberals think Schumer is one of their "moderate" voices. Schumer is just another manipulative, lying, shit hole of a Senator for the Democrats.
  8. Ah'm one a them thar violent liberals. I got me a liberal gun that only has eyes for Teabaggers. Hey, somebodies got to provide the relief around here ...sheez!
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    Cha ching.

  10. Would burning one a those be the same as burning the flag?
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