Liberals Are Such Big Cry Babies

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    MSNBC Contributor and Mother Jones’ Washington Bureau Chief David Corn apparently got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

    He was spotted in the Barnes & Noble at Union Station throwing a fit because his new book — his fifth — fittingly called Showdown: The Inside Story of How Obama Fought Back Against Boehner, Cantor, and the Tea Party out today didn’t have its own display. He was overheard yelling at the manager that “every paper in America” was going to be talking about his book today and yet nobody could find it there.

    The manager explained that corporate tells him what books get displays and that the order did not call for that. Corn maintained that the bookstore wasn’t well run and stormed out in a huff.

    “It was a scene,” our spy tells us.
  2. OK, I guess Mr. Boehner is a liberal now. Small joke, just trying to lighten up some of this stuff. Life is too short for all this hating. Even Don Imus, who is now at Fox, says we gotta stop all this hating, even on the President. Not that he's a dominant force, but certainly not a liberal. I just happen to be listening this last week.

    Come on, can't we all just lighten up a bit. No 'kumbaya' necessary, but let's enjoy what we have. Trade some more, make some more money, enjoy life.

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    Just when did liberals ever say, "We've got to stop all this hating on George W. Bush"? From what I can see the enmity directed against Obama isn't any worse than the enmity directed against George W. Bush was when he was president. The only real difference is that no one was ever called a racist for calling George W. Bush stupid, equating him with a chimpanzee, or just hating him in general.

    Me, I think both our previous president and the current one are disasters in their own unique ways, and will be as happy to see Obama out of office as I was to see George W. Bush finally gone.
  4. Bookstores are like real estate...if you want the best spot in the store, you have to pay extra for it. Not sure of the rates now, but I know back in 2007 it was $1 per book you had to pay upfront to have it on those special tables where the best sellers are displayed. Obviously his publisher didnt want to pay that extra money. If he wanted his own display, on its own, it probably would've cost more. Many authors only get $1.50 per book on a $15 book. The bookstore gets about 45% and the publisher gets the other $45% leaving the author with about 10%
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  6. You don't understand what pathology you are dealing with, this has struck at a certain segment of the population with a deep knife. Some of the people are literally barely hanging on mentally. Their worlds are literally ending as they know it, and after November, you are really going to see some weird shit......
  7. Yeah, really. I can't believe pisspoor made a thread out of this. Talk about grasping at straws.
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    its interesting to read about book royalties and distribution.
  9. I've helped and participated in some of this. What do you find interesting or different from what you may have thought originally? Just curious.

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    that the companies get paid to display the books.
    that the royalty rate seems low vs. the music industry although I would not be surprised if the net came out around the same.
    Finally, that seems like a very low net... 1.50 a book.

    I guess it really is all about the advance unless it becomes a very big seller.
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