Liberals are really starting to piss me off

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aphexcoil, Apr 19, 2004.

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    in all seriousness, in that story you recounted, the only *hole is you. in the middle of a political conversation you - for all intents and purposes - call one of the women there a whore. if you had taken a shot at clinton alone, that would be fair game, that's what friday night political bullshooting is all about, but you didn't, you went out of your way to put another person under the desk sucking his howitzer.

    it doesn't take a dale carnegie graduate to realize that's not only a stupid thing to do - unless you enjoy a life of celibacy - it's just downright rude and ill-mannered.
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  2. ahhh.. fat girl eh?

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    Yeah.....Aphie has come up the scale a looong way.
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    Sounds like a compliment to me!:cool:
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  5. Thanks man, that means a lot. I've tried to grow up and learn from the smart posters on ET like you.
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    now who's interning who?

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  7. Yeah, I totally understand Aphie. Liberals sure can drive a guy up the wall.

    The way they're forever bitching and whining about something that's not perfect in this world. And how they have all these grand (but hopelessly delusional, unrealistic and unworkable) plans about "we should do something about...". They do seriously live in a dream world man, no doubt about it.
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  8. aphie,

    You were always a poor candidate to be a liberal. You have a logical mind and understand cause and effect. Liberalism is all about feelings, not fact. That's why so many women are liberals.

    As for Iraq, we have no need to apologize to anyone or feel any guilt. We are the world's sole superpower and, as such, we have certain responsibilities. One is preventing the proliferation of WMD. Another is protecting our vital interests. A third is standing ready to preempt any potential threat to our country. The world is extremely lucky that we are the sole superpower and not some evil regime like the Chinese or old Soviet Union.

    While preemptive action should be used sparingly and as a last resort, the devastation that an enemy with WMD could cause to our country justifies it in some circumstances. Our history shows that we are not conquerors, and in most cases we leave defeated enemies in better shape than if they had won.

    Neither should we feel guilty for petroleum useage. If petrodollars are finding their way to finance terrorism, as seems likely, the solution is to encourage the responsible governments to put a stop to it, not lower our stnadard of living. If those governments ignore or defy us, then they put themselves into the class of countries who support terrorism and become candidates for preemptive action.
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  9. I agree....Pabst IS a smart poster (usually). And you can learn from him. And I also agree with Pabst and others that YOU have come a very long way from when you first appeared on ET with your loutish bravado and complete lack of humility. Especially considering where you were coming from.

    So kudos to you Aphie for growing up right before our eyes.

    But I found your post to be more about you being "pissed off" than about having a legitimate gripe...with "liberals".

    First off, your behavior with your comment to the girl (well covered already). It seems you made a personal attack on someone in a disagreement about politics. Seems more than uncalled for. I guess you still have some growing to do.

    The other thing about your post was it seems to me that you just happened to have found yourself overhearing (eavesdropping?) a conversation you found distasteful. Or in disagreement with.

    These people, from your description, seemed to be annoying kinds of people. I don't see that their politics necessarily had much to do with their arrogance and obnoxiousness. Maybe I am getting the wrong picture, but the way you make it sound, it seems their political views were secondary to their overall "type", which is what seemed to bother you (piss you off). If they were behaving the same way and doing it from a right wing position, I bet you would have found them equally irritating.

    Maybe I am misinterpreting the whole thing. Bottom line is it seems you just did not like the way these people were....more so than the way you objected to their political views.

    There are a-hoe liberals, conservatives, libertarians, socialists, whatever.

    It seems like you just did not like these people.

    It also seems possible that you may just not have been in the mood to tolerate anyone you disagreed with at that moment.

    Think it through. What was it that REALLY pissed you off? Maybe you were just not in a good mood because you found yourself without a date and sitting alone on a weekend nite at a Starbucks?

    Just a thought. Maybe I am completely off base. But you started your post with the statement that you considered "being a liberal". Maybe this is also part of some growing up you have ahead of you. Why label yourself? Why not go issue by issue?

    It is more than likely that in reality you will find yourself on the "conservative' side of some issues and on the "liberal" side of others. Why do you need to let yourself be "recruited" into one camp or the other?

    Do you really believe that it is required to believe in a party line? Are there not people you know and respect that have inconsistent views in regards to politics? Does it impress anyone (does it impress YOU) when someone is a "ditto head"?

    Can't you believe (just as an example) in the right to own a gun and also in the right for a woman to choose whether or not to have an abortion? It seems to me (as I am sure you know), that the black and white thinkers are really being closed minded. You seem too smart for that. Way too smart.

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  10. "However, these are the things a lot of people think but nobody wants to admit -- that the USA is dominant, in control and whatever we say or do is ultimately correct because we are the mightiest empire on earth."

    I missed the part in our Constitution where it said:

    1. Might makes right.

    2. The end justifies the means.

    Why have rules of law, as long as people think your way?

    Why have civilization, protection of the rights of the weak, etc. when "dominant, in control, and whatever we say or do is ultimately correct."

    You are showing a lack of carefully thinking things through, and history shows that every single powerful society who was the most dominant fell as they too didn't understand how the mighty fall when they ignore the water rising around them.

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