Liberals are really starting to piss me off

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  1. I can't believe I ever entertained the idea of being a liberal, but after sitting down and talking to liberals about world politics, the United States culture and philosophy in general, I've reached one conclusion -- most "hard-bent" liberals live in a fantasy world that was created from a pampered lifestyle that bares no resemblance to the real world at all.

    I realize this post is going to be controversial, but I'm going to continue with my points anyhow. However, before I go into my rant, I want to say that there are indeed some tolerable moderate liberals that have some decent opinions of the world.

    A few nights ago, I was sitting in a Starbucks (where most ultra-liberals hang out on Friday nights with their Vivo Sony Laptops, skim mocha latte and beanie caps) with some people who were what I would term as "very liberal."

    So anyhow, a discussion of Bush came up (which is always a fun conversation) and one of the liberals said, "This man is responsible for 9/11 -- he's responsible for starting a war with Iraq in the name of black gold -- oil! Our society is so fucked up, man! (sips Latte, checks e-mail) ... This country is out of control!"

    Well, I immediately corrected him and said that, although I don't agree with all of Bush's actions as president, I'm not going to pigeon-hole him in some convenient political shoebox and cast judgement on the man. One of the girls then said, "I sure do miss the Clinton-era."

    I just kind of looked at her and said, "yeah, you definitely would have made a good intern for him." She got upset, but that isn't the point.

    So anyhow, I really started to think about things. I live in the most powerful country in the world. I'm not going to march around and spout bullshit about oil, Iraq and this and that and then proceed to drive around in my car like I'm not a part of the problem. Then I realized, "is there really a problem here?" What nation, in the history of the world, hasn't pushed for more wealth, more land and more dominance?

    Most controversial of all my thoughts were, "So what if all of this song and dance is really about the oil -- about control over a region of the world that is dominated by sub-humans with no hope of contributing anything to the greater society?" If we go over there, impose our dominance and strength and put up a few Starbucks while we're at it, perhaps that ultimately is a good thing. If we educate the masses while we are over there, convert their bullshit of a religion to something worthwhile, perhaps we're actually doing a service in the bigger picture.

    However, these are the things a lot of people think but nobody wants to admit -- that the USA is dominant, in control and whatever we say or do is ultimately correct because we are the mightiest empire on earth.

    So, in closing, the liberals can just STFU and if they are really upset, they can ride bikes to the coast, jump into a ship that doesn't use petroleum and paddle their asses over to some distant region where they beat women and eat their own neighbor's during times of strife.
  2. Why don't you tell this your black friends, if you have any, that not so long ago were treated just like sub-humans by people of your mentality. BTW, why does anyone have to be liberal to believe everyone should have the same rights and they should not be decided by Dubya's moods? People have thought like that for at least the last 200 years. This country was founded on the same principles. Of course, whether they are respected is another story. Judging by your post, some people in this country consider these principles totally obsolete.
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    electron: Slow down and get a grip. That was some really incoherent shit you just posted. Iraq is a human rights issue.
  4. I agree... and the Civilized World hopes that the freedom fighters can kick the butts of the Bush imbecile footsoldiers out of their country...
  5. ummmm is that scumya's newest line for invading them? :confused: :confused: or yours?

    cmon!!!! I know, I know... we are killing them so they can be free. :(

    Pabst where've you been? :)

    :D :D :D
  6. Definitely appreciate your points and frustrations with liberals who seem to live on another plane of existence who don't understand that we've at least in part been paying over the last few years for the ignorance of their cherished Clinton era.

    However, some of your comment were starting to get pretty close to the "we're doing a service" reasoning used by the Spanish Conquestidors as they infected, subjugated, enslaved, and slaughtered native tribes in Central and South America or the British and French as they enslaved and slaughtered Carribean natives and Africans during the 18th and 19th centuries or Americans also during the 18th and 19th centuries as they too infected, subjugated, enslaved, and slaughtered North American natives and Africans.

    Using the same logic we might be able to argue that we need to invade France because those ignorant and uncivilized oafs spend their days smoking disgusting unfiltered cigarettes and blowing it across rooms for other people to breath, the women don't shave, and they even take their damn dogs into restaurants. OK, maybe I'll give you that one :)

    BTW - I'm hardly a liberal, even though I might be found at a Starbucks on the weekend (the one inside the local Barnes & Noble) with my wife and daughter - double vanilla latte or a chai, not a decaf skim latte - and a Toshiba notebook or Pocket PC not a Sony Vaio. :)
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    Pretty ironic. How many of those former U.S. allies were kissing our ass when we were removing Hitler from their countries. Twice last century we bailed out France's ass. As far as I'm concerned Europe can eat a dick sandwich.
  8. As far as the Civilized World is concerned, Bush's America is a dick sandwich...

    It's totally embarrasing to have such an IQ-deficient, beligerant fucwit as our "leader"...
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    you don't get many dates, do you?
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    Remember when I used to run polls like "Let's Ban Aphie." Well I was sure wrong about you. In two years you've gone from major irritant to one of the best poster's on ET.
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