Liberals are okay with releasing murderers but want to ban guns.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by KINGOFSHORTS, Dec 25, 2012.

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    And reduce the number of mass murders, that in their feeble minds justify the subversion of the 2nd amendment? Surely you jest.
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    They need to make room for the Madoffs and Koslowski's of the world, because, you know, they present a greater danger to society.
  3. The guy was convicted of manslaughter. How bashing grandma's head in with a hammer becomes manslaughter is a crime in and of itself. Then the state decides to let him out because as we all know, people who bash an old womans head in with a hammer are deserving of another chance. But what is the story the media has picked up on? The rifle used was supposedly a Bushmaster, the same type weapon used in the school massacre. No real concern that the guy was back on the street, just the type of weapon used is the problem. I gotta' tell ya' people. A society this f'n stupid is destined to go down the drain.
  4. I'm a Democrat at heart, and possibly a Liberal.
    [by the way, wasn't Jesus a Liberal?]

    anyway, I don't want Murderers out of jail

    and, I'm angry at many Democrats in Congress,
    just like the right seems to be, at their representatives.
    I think we can agree,
    that Our government is not working, as it is.

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    two thumbs up and + 16.3 Trillion...and counting...
  6. Most of that 16.3 trillion is from policies and programs started under Reagan ,bush and bush
  7. I'm impressed with your originality today. Can't wait for the New Year, Obama's second term with Reagan Bush Bush.:D
  8. Stimulus tires us

    Rich tax cuts and unicorns

    Bush disease recurs

    (Nutmeg..takes a bow....) Ta da.....:cool:
  9. I'm sorry I gotta laugh everytime I see that drivel.

    So liberals are all about loving God with all their heart's and mind's, holy crap that's a good one! :D :D
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