Liberals Amazing Ability To Pick and Choose Which Secrets To Be Reported

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  1. Liberal newspapeers and pols seem to have no qualms about disclosing top secret info that supports their agenda. The Washington Post published teh Pentagon Papers, they revealed details of secret eavesdropping on terrorists, they published a leaked story that al qaeda interrogations revealed nothing of value, the NY Times revealed the existence of secret CIA prisons and rendition flights, the list goes on and on. When CIA desk jockey Valery Plame's name became public however, due to her loudmouth husband, it was a national scandal that required a special prosecutor and cost Scooter Libby his job and profession.

    Now we see the media has zero curiosity about a CIA report that, according to Dick Cheney, details exactly what was learned from the enhanced terrorist interrogations the media and libs are so upset about. Upset, I might add, now that the memory of 9/11 has faded and they feel safe again. At the time, they were quiet as church mice while the CIA did the dirty work to protect us.

    Where are the editorials demanding to have this report declassified? Where are the calls for "transparency?" Where are the congressional grandstanders? It just seems very curious to me that no one is interested, unless of course they are afraid that the report will prove the Bush adminsitration did the right thing.
  2. WAR ON TERROR IS A SCAM, how long will it take for you to learn it?
  3. Bingo.
  4. I guess 9/11 was just faked by the White House, like the moon landing, right?

    If there is nothing there, why not release the CIA report detailing what the terrorists gave up? If they don't, it means Cheney was right and they are lying.
  5. And both the right and left are in on it.