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    Max E.

    This video is too funny, old white stuffey doo gooder liberal woman, whose hair looks like colonel sanders just fucked snookie, trying to tell a black free market economic genius (sowell") that she knows better about the ins and outs of black economics, and she gets decimated by both sowell and the host. TOO FUNNY! :D

    I would be hard pressed to find a better example of how assinine liberals are than this.

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  2. Good job Sowell. Here we are 40 years later hashing out the same themes, high unemployement among blacks. Keep the same policies in place and expect different results.

    I had read elsewhere re unions did a good job keeping the blacks from union jobs.
  3. "Unemployment among blacks who want a well-paying job..." DUH!

    They didn't do homework, they didn't go to school, they dropped out.. they can't speak English well, they can't write well, they can't communicate well, they can't do math... and NOW they want a "well-paying job"?

    What the HELL can you expect?

    I have no sympathy for the unemployed blacks. There are PLENTY of examples of successful and SUPER-successful blacks... BUT THEY ALL DID SOMETHING!

    If you can't communicate, if you can't speak well, if you can't do math.. if you have no skills to offer... do you expect riches to be shoved up your ass just because you're black? Sheesh!
  4. In the urban city, the fault needs to fall on the racist Democrats.
    Once the Republicans flushed the racist democrats out of the South they took their separate but equal policies to the Northern cities.
    In those cities the Blacks are segregated, cut out the economic activity of the city, provided awful city services, hostile or indifferent policing and failing schools.
    Now we see millions of Blacks moving back to the new republican South.
  5. The video is a perfect example of a great weakness in leftist thinking. She keeps going back to, what would you do now, as if we can do something right now this instant and somehow there will be a magic fix that will undo what took years/decades to screw up. That is what personifies leftist thinking. Just pass a feel good law today and all will be right in the world tomorrow. They simply have no concept of delayed gratification, and we now have an entire society of people who think the same way. Give me what I want, simply because I want it, and I want it now.
  6. Max E.

    Max E.

    And here the dumb twat who was on the first video asks sowell why parents should be given a choice in which school their children go to and how he knows parents would make a better choice.

    Well Gee lady based on the current system a person has to go to whatever school happens to fall in their district, can you really make a choice that is worse than that? I mean if given the choice does she think that black people will go to a highschool in compton as opposed to one in orange county?

    This is just more evidence that liberals are the single most destructive force in history on those who suffer from poverty.

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  7. old biddy got pwned. good call on her hair too LOL.

    thanks to whoever posted this earlier.. great quote and applies here.

    "Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so." - Ronald Reagan
  8. I mean if given the choice does she think that black people will go to a highschool in compton as opposed to one in orange county?

    One doesn't even have to go to that extreme.

    Currently there is resistance to locate charter schools in the same neigborhoods as public schools which offers parents a choice. This is the situation right now in Nyc. Every charter school has a waiting list in the black community.

    Archbishop Dolan said recently about closing a high performing Catholic school in Nyc. If this was a public school the union would be up in arms.

    Furthermore, Bloomberg slated dozens of failing schools to close. These are schools which have been rated "F" for more than 2 years. The union is fighting this and AFIK have prevented these schools from closing.
  9. Max E.

    Max E.

    I saw it on that "waiting for superman" documentary, parents enter the draw in order to enter their kids in a charter school, and if their kid should be so fortunate as to be drawn, they literally break down in tears over what a difference it will make for their children to go to a charter school as opposed to one that is run by the teachers union.

    Mean while anti science liberals stand by no school choice, the teachers union, and tenure, with no logical explanation as to what good the that crooked system could possibly serve the children.
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    Max E.

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