Liberalism, evolution, and socialist

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    This is not very scientific and I have some moral issues with the alternative (survival of the fittest), but what do you all think?

    What I am getting at is

    Most people that label themselves as "liberals" are strong supporters of evolutionary theory.

    Evolutionary theory (correct me if I am wrong) revolves around natural selection.

    Most people that label themselves "liberals" are strong supporters of a government that is somewhat socialistic. Even conservative types are this way just to a lesser degree in most cases.

    Well, those two ideals conflict with each other.

    If one strongly believed in evolution (and that evolution was the preferred method of progressing through time) then one should (I think) be against social programs.

  2. If i was a liberal i would know that a huge amount of my supporters are atheist. Knowing that i would drop all religious theories in order to gain the votes of the atheists.

    Do you think liberals truly want to give illegals driver licenses or do they just want more votes?
  3. Some leaders that were atheist and were strong believers of evolution(suvival of the fittest)

    Pol Pot
    Kim Jong Il

    See a pattern?
  4. Wow after reading your posts lately and seeing you give your phone number and address on a public message board... I have concluded you must be a genius!

    So since I can't keep up with anyone who has an IQ above mine (141)... I am forced not to read any more of your brilliant posts.

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  5. Educated conservatives believe in evolution too. They also believe in corporate welfare.

    Who on this tread would admit that they are conservative and believe that the earth was created 10 thousand years ago and that the first man and woman were named adam and eve and God rested on the 7th day.
  6. Whats your definition of corporate welfare?
  7. What the heads of corporate America and their boards pay themselves.

    Go ahead and use natural selection as your model, that is, if you want to be considered no better than an animal.
  8. Corporations are like a major league teams. Whoever pays the most get the so called best people.
  9. There's a belief thats seemed to have played itself out ...thump thump.
  10. I take it you think capitalism is a belief that seems to have played itself out too?
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